Onatel, best hero idea

keep all 3. i keep at least 3 of each. if trading ever gets implemented NVR lol i would hold them if it happens or just level them. i leveled 3 delilahs.


as @AirHawk said, tank is an important position, but overall synergy of a team has to work as well. But I LOVE math, so I’m in love with this new formula for “passive tankiness” as an idea to say “not taking into account any other heroes that may be in a roster, is this hero good in the tank position”?

I think the AI is unkind to Onatel because her special takes a little more attention than some other heroes, and the AI is trigger happy lol. But I am maxing her first. She’ll get my darts.


Santa is one hell of a tank but I think Onatel is wasted as a flank.

Drake is better at that position. Delilah might also be better than Onatel.

An Onatel flank is less fearsome for the fact that the opponent can choose not to fight on her side of the board.

@Jerme82 you have a great roster but the one you proposed seems to lack synergy somehow.

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I agree airhawk.
My problem is i have been at 2600 for the last 6 month’s and am trying to find creative ways to get my defence rating up.
I have maxed Victor over Sartana and that was worse. Right now my team is this

And once Santa is maxed… Very soon it will be this and i feel/HOPE. it will bring my cups up on defence…

The only problem with my new setup is that both drake and Santa are Munks. I will give to Santa the talents. I may have to run Delilah beside him but i feel drake is much better for synergy?

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You can’t. Seriously, 2600 is about what any defensive team can support. You need to rely on your offense to push you up to 2800 or so, then settle back to 2600 or so. That’s about where my Alasie / Zeline / Guinevere / Gravemaker / Sartana defense ends up if I’m not pushing my cups on offense.


Forget about it. Whatever roster you have, it is superbly difficult to maintain above 2700.

2600 is like the benchmark for an excellent roster.

The moment you touch above 2700, everyone seems to come hunting like there is bullseye on your back. I have a lineup lesser than yours I think and I just maintain around 2550 - 2600.

Even winning 2/3 defense raids in insufficient since winning each defense yields 10-20 trophies but each loss results in 40-50 trophies.


I wonder how Onatel works when your special is active, should I throw yellow stones or the stones of enemy colors?

Onatel gains mana from yellow stones as usual. She also gains from stones that hit her afflicted targets. In the extreme, on her special’s fourth turn, each yellow stone adds two stone’s worth of mana to Onatel (and none to the foe); any other stone adds one.


tks :grinning:


I started to play to test, but always on the last turn Onatel is ready again, I hardly need the last turn, I’m playing right? I must activate onatel again on his last turn of 100% ?

Onatel has an elemental link, meaning she will do best when linked with at least one other hero of her color. this goes for all characters with a link. to get maximum usage she should be ran In a stack.

not sure who has what heroes but I will list the stacks that I have personally used and had most success with but honestly name a hero that doesn’t benefit her being stacked in yellow.

guin, onatel, mitsuko- two heroes that lower mana one that makes sure you never get it again that should be self explanatory

onatel, joon, Triton.- Triton heal boost makes onatel special stock at 165 per turn

onatel, gretel, proteus- good bye

any hero you combined with Onatel, especially on flanks, makes attacking a difficult task especially once her special is capped. try any of those set up(there are more but these are the top three i have used per my current roster).

as tank u will discover quickly that she is super beefy and she will punish a bad board to no end.

hope this helps. Onatel gets an A+ from me especially after the last trial


I liked the idea of using with Triton and Proteus tks :grinning:

Will Onatel win A on the hero ranking table 7dd? Curious about this information

I’ve actually spoken with anchor directly during his live stream over the choices that they make and how. my ranking is very different than theirs as I am a mainly defensive player.

I have guin, gravmeaker, and wu kong yet none of the three are used in anything other than tanks for wars on back up teams currently and wu kong not at all. I have rumple danzburro and wu kong. dealing with heroes that are out of your control is frustrating but one that makes my specials miss I refuse to use no matter what people say about him, he is not useful to my playstyle. in still in diamond still finish top in and still finish higher in points on all wars than most players with 4k teams and +20 troops. there is a lot of skill involved and any team can be beat or lost too.

these characters are highly touted by most yet other than grave I have no problem dealing with the other two and there lack of good offensive help in the regular map relegated them to the bench. playstyle is huge in what characters u add to your own roster and based on my personal playstyle Ares and Onatel get an A+from me because they have the most use for multi characters all over the game.


Well but shes common
I got her twice from atlantis, one from a 10 summon and from a single summon i got bonus draw
I have 3 onatels, shes good for attack

I just got Onatel, so haven’t used her yet, but I’m planning to alternate which side of the board I use her to attack in raids. Let’s say you charge her special, and then target the right flank (so her special applies to the tank and right wing). You then make matches on the right side of the board to fill Onatel’s mana. Then, you target the left side of the defense for the next special attack so you don’t override the mana drain on the right side.

She looks like she’ll be a ton of fun to attack with once you get her rolling. Would be interested to hear from people with experience using her if she can work in practice like I’m thinking theoretically.

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You can cast before the full turns of the special, and often that will be the right strategy, since Onatel delivers a reasonable blow. Dead foes cast no spells. When raiding, I found that aiming at alternate flanks was best. Let’s say you started on the right side; at the end of turn 3 Onatel is ready again, so fire left. Use the fourth turn to continue dropping tiles on the right, where you are now getting 100% mana recovery, doing tile damage with no consequences. Then shift your tile drops to the left side, which has now ripened to 50% return. Onatel should be ready again, so fire her on the right.

When it works, it’s a crushing strategy. A little help from Mitsuko or Guinevere can strip off the residual mana that the foes are gaining.


Thank you for this layout. I plan on maxing Onatel when I get 1 more dart.

My current defense is Rigard Isarnia Lianna Khiona Joon. I am not sure where I will put her and who I will remove yet as running 2 yellow and 2 purple on Defense may not be the best tactic.

Rigard / Isarnia / Onatel / Khiona / Joon would work okay. If people stack purple against Onatel, they’re weak against Rigard and Khiona.


Which of these seems more challenging to go against?

Alberich, Onatel/Mitsuko, Mitsuko/Onatel, Aeron, Alasie

Evelyn, Onatel, Mitsuko, Aeron, Delilah

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