Onatel, best hero idea

Got my first hotm, been playing i think almost from the game start. Now struggling because the draw was Delilah + Onatel…
I have full Vivica, 3 rank Leonidas and some 4* holy heroes…
Now the biggest question which one to level up, i will not get enough darts to level up both of them. :confused:

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GM is one of the more extreme heroes where he kills before being killed. This would be inclined to the delay of killing him since once he starts firing his special early as a tank the opponent would usually be heavily damaged or dead.


Leader of 7DF uses Onatel as his war tank. ‘Nuff said.


That is good enough for me.

Thank you.

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Ah, I see, so it fits criteria #3, not #2, but it is so good in that criteria, so GM actually deserves extra point in that criteria to become a superb tank.

Criteria #1 is kinda interesting for me.

What forces players to switch from rainbow attack team to color stack?

The fear that they cannot kill the tank before it fires, and when it fires, it’s kinda instant raid loss.

Usual equation for the “tankiness” of a character you can find here on forums is sum of defence and health.

I’d propose a different formula here for tankiness, that actually takes damage formula into account.

If you don’t like math, don’t read below:

So, tile damage for one tile is TD = 100 * (Attack / Defence)^1.35.

Raid defence team has defence bonus of 20%. Take it into account.

We would like to kill the tank before they fire, so we need at minimum 6-7 tiles for extra fast, 7-8 for fast etc. So the damage should be more than hero’s health.

If we make an equation, where on left side is hero’s health (H), and on the right side is the tile damage times number of tiles (N) needed to trigger the special of the hero

H < TD * N = 100 * (A/D/1.2)^1.35 * N * 2 (factor for strong color)
Solve it for A, and we get minimum attack value needed to kill the tank with strong color before they fire:

A = D * 1.2 * (H/(200 * N)) ^ 0.74

Let’s call this “passive tankiness” (PT). I’m not taking troops attack/defence/health bonus into account here, leaving it as an exercise for the reader,

So, for example, GM without mana troops has PT= 832. With troops, GM has PT=933
Guin has 697 and 753 respectively.
Onatel has 766 and 828.

So, if you want to kill GM before he fires even once, with strong color, you need to have your strong color base attack to be more than his passive tankiness (basically, to have more than 933 attack, which is impossible without color stacking).

With Guin, it is quite possible to get lucky and kill her with 10 dark tiles in a row if you have 1 dark hero with 750 base attack. If you have 2 dark heroes with 750 base attack, you can kill her with 5 dark tiles. If you have 3 color stacked heroes, you’ll need 4 dark tiles. If you have 4 color stacked heroes, you can kill her with 3 dark tiles etc.

The raw passive tankiness can be used as a rule of the thumb for color stacking. It can be further altered by taking into account how many times the tank can fire their special before it’s game over for you.

For example, if you can survive GM firing two times and still win, you can halve the PT rank. If you bring more healers, you can survive longer and maybe you don’t even need to stack colors.

For Onatel, you can probably survive her firing many times, because she actually reset her mana draining debuff after triggering back to 25%. So you can divide the PT by the number you want and then check your heroes.


I will agree yes and a no. Tank is definitely the one most important position. However, Onatel is closer to an old school tank with an upgraded ability as compared to a destroyer class like GM. Onatel may not kill you but it delays the opponent heavily. So in raid defense, hero synergy is more important than just a super single hero. Onatel is one where she delays the opponent enough for her allies to fire and deal some annoying damage herself. She is also tanky enough to hold her ground on her own.

Most here scrutinize the individual hero as if the raid defense is a single hero defense. The team consists of 5 heroes. So it’s best to study the best combination you can find with your available roster.


If someone has Guin and two purples on defense, I take Victor, Khiona, Drake, Aeron, and Delilah against them. This team wins 80% plus in that scenario.

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Would a war defense with Onatel, Alasie, Mitsuko and two healers work well ? You would slow their mana significantly. I’d have a choice of Delilah, Alberich, and Aeron as healers.


Yes, I think that defense would be very frustrating. I’d probably run Alberich and Aeron to keep a rainbow defense (which I think tends to work best, at least in wars).

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Since i have Santa would he be a better tank? Then i could either have onatel, Delilah, or drake beside him?

I think Santa is an excellent tank. Flanked by any of those yellows, better yet. Onatel works fine on flank.



That’s solid; the only issue is a class-doubling with Onatel and Sartana, both wizards. Ideally your (long-term) defense spans 5 classes so they can all be getting emblems without competing against each other.


Saw Omatel and Kagagoogoo (Samuri dude?) in same board; they were still babies, but they paired well…

The perm blind resist is pretty handy

Stupid question - how many onatel should I keep?

Added 5 Atlantis coin pulls: Joon, Gato, Grimm, water Bottle Guy, mermaid Caedmon

That’s 4x 5* yellows in 12 pulls (3x O, 1x J); and the only yellows I have

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keep all 3. i keep at least 3 of each. if trading ever gets implemented NVR lol i would hold them if it happens or just level them. i leveled 3 delilahs.


as @AirHawk said, tank is an important position, but overall synergy of a team has to work as well. But I LOVE math, so I’m in love with this new formula for “passive tankiness” as an idea to say “not taking into account any other heroes that may be in a roster, is this hero good in the tank position”?

I think the AI is unkind to Onatel because her special takes a little more attention than some other heroes, and the AI is trigger happy lol. But I am maxing her first. She’ll get my darts.


Santa is one hell of a tank but I think Onatel is wasted as a flank.

Drake is better at that position. Delilah might also be better than Onatel.

An Onatel flank is less fearsome for the fact that the opponent can choose not to fight on her side of the board.

@Jerme82 you have a great roster but the one you proposed seems to lack synergy somehow.

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I agree airhawk.
My problem is i have been at 2600 for the last 6 month’s and am trying to find creative ways to get my defence rating up.
I have maxed Victor over Sartana and that was worse. Right now my team is this

And once Santa is maxed… Very soon it will be this and i feel/HOPE. it will bring my cups up on defence…

The only problem with my new setup is that both drake and Santa are Munks. I will give to Santa the talents. I may have to run Delilah beside him but i feel drake is much better for synergy?

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You can’t. Seriously, 2600 is about what any defensive team can support. You need to rely on your offense to push you up to 2800 or so, then settle back to 2600 or so. That’s about where my Alasie / Zeline / Guinevere / Gravemaker / Sartana defense ends up if I’m not pushing my cups on offense.


Forget about it. Whatever roster you have, it is superbly difficult to maintain above 2700.

2600 is like the benchmark for an excellent roster.

The moment you touch above 2700, everyone seems to come hunting like there is bullseye on your back. I have a lineup lesser than yours I think and I just maintain around 2550 - 2600.

Even winning 2/3 defense raids in insufficient since winning each defense yields 10-20 trophies but each loss results in 40-50 trophies.


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