Onatel animation bug

When she’s on defense, her special animation always ‘targets’ the center player, but the special isn’t necessarily applied to that hero.
I’ll add video, but I have to trim it down a bit… 1gb in size.

That’s not a bug. All animations are centered.

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Did you watch the video? (at 0:18)
Most 5* animations are centered vertically and horizontally, yes.
When she is on your team (attacker), maybe it is centered correctly. I don’t know.

When she is on the defender’s team, it is centered on the Y axis, but the eye is at the bottom of the screen, directly over the middle hero of the attacking team, which makes it look like she’s targeting that hero.

If it were dead center (horizontally and vertically), then it wouldn’t be confusing.

So, i have Onatel on my attacking team and her animation is at the top and centered.
I really don’t think it’s a bug. Other 5* have centered animations that you don’t know where it’s gonna hit.

20 characters…

I think what the OP is saying is that, when Onatel is on the defense team, her special always covers your middle hero as opposed to being in the middle of the screen.

I got a screenshot of this from her video. The ‘eye’ from Onatels special is covering Isarnia (bottom arrow on screenshot) although it hits Sonya and Sabina. To match other special animations, the eye should be in the middle of the screen (top arrow of screenshot).

I don’t have Onatel so can’t confirm. Only going on the video posted.

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But what about the cast at 2:45? Onatel cast but no one was affected? What’s up with that, @Sara?

@Kerridoc Onatel hits Rigard. It’s difficult to see since Rigard special is glowing, but there’s definitely the icon from Onatel in the corner. It’s the same icon as shown at the 0:18 hit. Also in my 2nd screenshot in my previous post, but that’s also a little obscured :roll_eyes:

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The animation is centered on the top too. There is just less room for it on the bottom where your heros are.

It would be nice, though, if there was something at the end of the (centered) animation sequence that struck down to the target. Spotting a little status icon takes unwanted time.

So excited—drew my first Onatel on a free token yesterday.

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It would be nice. A few of the centered animations leave you holding your breath until you can tell which hero was hit.
And Onatel is pretty cool! I still haven’t decided if she’s getting my darts yet though…

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