Onatel and Elizabeth together?

Is anyone using Onatel and Elizabeth together?
Wondering how they will work together since Onatel steals your generated mana and Elizabeth lowers your mana generation by -24%.

My thinking is that Onatel steals 25%, then 50%, then 75% then 100% over her 4 turns. If Liz has fiends on you, do you generate 24% less than normal and the Ona steals her portion?

Can someone help me out with this. Thinking of putting emblems on Onatel if they work together well.

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Watching and interested in the replies.
Good question
I have both heroes on max and +20 with Elizabeth LB

I have not played with these two but I have used costume renfield and with mana slowest (mist). Hero generates less mana and then x% of that mana is stolen.

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Ruskin is correct.

let’s say a hero generates 10.0 mana units per turn (regardless of any game play). Elizabeth’s fiends lower that mana generation to 7.6 units per turn. for as long as the affected heroes have fiends, Onatel will steal 7.6/4 = 1.9 units, 3.8, 5.7, then 7.6 units of mana throughout the duration of her mana steal ailment. contrast this with 2.5, 5.0, 7.5, then 10.0 mana units if the fiend’s mana generation ailment weren’t there.

that’s not to say to not use these heroes together. just be aware of what they do so you can maximize the effect you’re trying to achieve–after all, with that much mana being slowed and stolen, you’re absolutely crippling the opponent’s mana gain on 2-3 enemy heroes. or if you decide that the effects aren’t worth putting together, then you’re making a more informed roster decision.

Just faced the combination as flanks for a bera tank in the war.

Was annoying. Lizzie slows you down and onatel makes it even worse. If you’re unlucky she hits a healer and you can’t even get rid of those fiends.
And although she steals less mana she charged again in her 4 turns with stolen mana without getting hit and me trying to avoid the affected colors.

So at least at defense those 2 can work together. I’m not sure on offense. I like it when my onatel can fire as often as possible, so I avoid everything that makes the enemy slower, but I think that can still work fine. Especially targeting healers (if there are any) with onatel should guarantee the fiends to stay for some time…

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You just have to try it , it’s easy…

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