Ona-Nan! Twinning Legends

This one speaks for itself I suspect. I’m sure there are more identical’s in our deck - this is just the first I noticed. Rana baby, competition just came to town - you better keep an eye on your YuYu.

SO! Are you aware of any other E&PTwins?

:skull: - Rzr -
The RaZoR’s EDge performed Perfectly (reviewing it is likely what alerted me to these potential love birds).


I’m certain this will turn into more than 20 characters…

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Interesting i may have to look for some twins later

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There are some interesting visual similarities to the character clothing designs too, which I hadn’t noticed until seeing them side-by-side.

Not quite worthy of the visual design twins thread, but not far off.



Whaaaaaat. The Dev's didn't get too creative on the stats for HOTM-20 & 21 they both share the EXACT SAME CARD stats? On top of it they share them with Yunan?!

So now we know why Yunan is all PROUD looking, Onatel is just so embarrassed she has to cover her eyes and last but not least - Kunchen, man, he is just looking AWAY giving the COLD 'feels cheap and used' shoulder to both of them!

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I commented about that in another thread and linked to this one earlier today. :slight_smile:

What do you make of that? My understanding is that this is a return to initial beta stats for Kunchen:

Since you study the game stats a lot more, @Razor, do you think it’s intentional there’d be two HOTM with the exact same card stats?

Some sort of normalization in the works, perhaps, or just a one-time decision or maybe even a mistake?


I want Kunchen. Paired with my Panther…wow!

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@zephyr1 being that they raised his attack and lowered his defense from his BETA figures… it changed his Ranks as follows:

WAIT I NEED TO LOOK AT THIS AGAIN… Disregard for now… NOPE - it’s good…

This is the correct version for Onatel and Yunan

This was the version that if his #'s were the Beta figures, it would have adjusted Onatel and Yunan as follows:

… and I have no idea why they would have done so LOL. Sorry Z no idea. Likely they saw something during testing I suspect.



Presuming it was based on an observation during testing, I still find it really interesting they’d choose the exact same stats. It just seems like a departure from past tendencies to have stats be in different sorts of range balances, but still have different specific numbers.

I guess the stat differences didn’t make much difference in your analysis. Looks like 57 Attack / 46 Ap vs. 58 Attack / 47 Ap for Yunan and Ontael.

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Yeah barely made a change there - realize that POWER has such a small standard deviation that it needs a full or 2 to make a large impact. Yeah I find it REALLY WEIRD that there are 3 LEGENDS with the same Cards…


(RE2 addresses the statements in para 2)

I agree, it really is very odd.

And the clumping of power ranking is interesting too, in that regard. It seems like there must be a lot of heroes with similar stats.

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@zephyr1 I realize I need to make some updates to my documentation. However this gives some additional background…


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I like how the gold theme runs through the coloration of all three heroes’ art. They may officially be different colors, but… :grin:


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