On my phone the game crashing

HI im really upset and fed up with this, I asked you before to fix this I cannot play it as so many crashes? I cant even write a text to warn my alliance I have issues as game crashes at any action after logging in!! Do u really wanna people to play it?!

No offense meant but this is a topic that I think should be brought up in this game’s forum.

Hello everyone, this is a complicated question. In short, the phone hung up had to be demolished on the phone, then downloaded the game, and it turns out not to tie the account to Google Play, and I go to the old account, I write in support, no one answers, writes the status, but in fact no one answers nothing. me, left a bunch of applications. Is there a chance to recover?

When my titan is dead I could pop by your alliance and pass a message if you like. It will only work if your group isn’t full. Let me know!

And send a support ticket directly to SG. I’m uncertain of the wait time, but it’s most likely around 3 business days for a response. Use this link, and click submit a request at the top of the page.

If you had saved the account to Google Play then there’s an excellent chance to recover. SG’s support team will definitely get back to you, but it can be around 3 business days. If you have access to the old and the new accounts, make sure that they are both signed in to the same facebook account. While this doesn’t save the game, it puts the same identifier on both accounts, and makes the transfer easier. I hope this is resolved quickly for you!