On my first Epic Hero Token of the month

Wow, I feel like I’ve just won the lotto!!


Nice roll. Congrats on the HoTM

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Thanks @GERATH.

We have a love hate relationship with RNG don’t we.

Nice roll.

Hate you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow you make me sad :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Congrats @FrenziedEye! That’s some nice pull!

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One day…I will get HOTM from a single pull.

J/k no I won’t


Gratz :smile:

20 char

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Congratz on the HoTM roll :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I had nothing to do with it, hope the smiles go around to you all too

Magni and Zimkitha in the space of less than a week.


Just so jealous!

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Great summons!


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Congrats. I am a bit jealous as she was not coming to me.

I did get Khiona on 1 epic hero token. The only pull I did that entire month. So that was good!


How did you summons went? You saved a lot gems and tokens right?

Yes I did.

I pulled about 20 times and nothing (well a bunch of decent 4*, no 5*). Didn’t use everything. Probably going to wait until the event. Buy up the cheap deals and go for it again.

I guess if she doesn’t come Natalya may get my rings.


Oh well. At least you have got an awesome red 5* already :). I only have Elena and won’t level her up. Hoping to pull Marjana at least from my four running level 20 training center. life of a c2p

Elena is alright. Slow but is she goes off she can do some damage.

I started playing when Natalya was HOTM initially and pulled her. At that time I did not know what a HOTM was haha.

Then when I got 100 atlantis tokens before it closed I made the pull and they gave me another Natalya. Maybe that was the message “we aren’t giving you Zim”


Month is not over yet. Let’s hope for the best :).


Nope it isn’t I still have a shot.

There hasn’t been a HOTM I have wanted as bad as this one.

I think some of it has to do with the cleanse. Rigard is probably my favorite hero because of that. He has saved me so many times in raids and on titans.


I got Ares, Alby and Drake on a x 30

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