On legendary heros

I have went a got the 10 men at a time times a ND did not get a 5 star or the monthly hero please tell me why when I see others get it the very first time I need an answer you have not answered any of my request

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because you’re not guaranteed any sort of hero. Each roll of the 10x is a random % chance to get a hero. Your chance to get a 5* hero from epic or elemental summons is somewhere in the 3-4% range per roll. So it’s unlikely that if you only do one 10x that you get a 5*. Not impossible, but unlikely.

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It’s the roll of the dice, hon. I’m sure it’s not the answer you really want to hear, but like Dante mentioned, you only get a specific percentage of a chance at a 5* or HotM, which is always smaller chance than 3s and 4s. I’ve been playing for more than six months; I’ve done pulls every month and have only ever gotten 1 HotM.

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