On experience set in figures


Good afternoon. in my opinion you are not right to see the light of the experience in numbers. was estimated the latest figures to enhance the experience 5500 and I have 4700. the difference was about 700 points. I for that would not raise the level of the is held province 5 step 5. there are 380 points level. Then I went up a level… what I didn’t expect… and lost energy Alliance


I’m so sorry Mikhail, I don’t understand your post. Do you want to go to Foreign Languages and post it again in your language?


I hope, that I’ve understood you correctly, Mikhail…

If you tip at the picture you chose for your character at the left upper corner, you can see your current points and the ones needed for the next level. This feature was implemented with the update to 1.7. If you check it regularly it won’t happen again that you level without wanting to do so and “lose” energy for titan fights.