On 22-1-23 luxury offer, which is new Avatar and what is cost if it?

Cost of avatar in today’s offer, 22-1-23 luxury offer?

Avatar is the mummy looking one. The one where if you have the resurrect amulet (whatever that one is called) where when your hero dies in battle, it will come back. But it comes back not with the hero’s avatar, but now it looks like a zombie mummy thing.

Not worth it, even if you are an avatar collector. But if you must know, it costs $99.99.

Offer is in Singapore dollars for me. It’s US$99.99 in base currency.

click here for my valuation

click here for US$99.99 valuation


what does the golden tomb actually do?

Legendary Tome of Golden Emblems contain 10 golden emblems.

These golden emblems can be used in lieu of class emblems for emblem nodes. Golden emblems save on class emblems, ham and iron.

These golden emblems are usually used for 5* heroes whose talent path will include nodes that require 125/250 emblems.

oh so no need to buy those green books then? but this is so rare…

It is your money. It’s up to you to decide.

That legendary golden tome is also available from Get The Golden Emblems offer. Hasn’t appeared in Jan so far. Should be soon.

I wouldn’t buy it but that’s me.