Omnia harvester!

Hey guys, i will probably get omnia harvester when i finish this event and i was wondering where i should use it? I want recruits and backpacks so season 1-8-7 is the best for bacpacks but is good for recruits??

Possible on Sunday.

Those harvester items are almost useless. Burn it and farm wherever you want.


You want to pick a time when there are no events or whatever planned to steal your world energy; have a look at the #calendar that Novo has been making

In terms of where it depends which of the two are your focus. Backpacks or recruits?

If backpacks, better looking in Province 5 (stage 8)

If recruits then yeah, 8-7 or 6-8 are your go to.


I think I’ll be hoarding them, like any super-rare items in every RPG ever.


Thx guys, i will use all 15 refill that i get from event probably on backpacks and i will get some recruits aswell

Ok I probably wouldn’t go that far!

Save your flasks for Atlantis Rises; the return is still better in terms of Item Drops, Recruits & Experience…


hmmm, probably but i will go for finishing atlantis hard mode rather then farming at least this time because im so dar behind with him


Honestly, working on hard mode during AR isn’t a good use of it. AR reduces hard mode stages between 20% to 25%. It reduces farming stages by 40-50%.

Work on Atlantis when it’s NOT AR. You have plenty of time and energy to do so. Farming during AR is usually top priority to me. The Omnia or other harvesters won’t come close to what you get from AR.


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