Omni Curse is activating even when you win the match

I have not paid attention initially but later discovered the fact. I got a omni stone whose counter is down to 1 i.e the tiles goes off after 1 round and at that moment I killed the final hero. The omni curse still got activated despite the match being over.

Dear developer fix the bugs properly first. You can concentrate on nerfs later.

Further information: I have the counter down to 1 on omni stone. And then I killed enemy AI hero who has less than 240 hp left with a tile match which apparently is not match with omni stone.

I think it works correctly. If your omni curse counter is down to 1 and it is your turn to match tiles, you HAVE to remove it. Even if you kill the boss with the tile move, it doesn’t matter because you had your turn and you didn’t remove the curse during that turn. Alternatively, what you can do is, if you feel that you have no chance to match the 1 turn omni gem, and the boss is down to low HP, just use a battle item or two to kill him/her. That way the curse will not get activated because you didn’t do any tile moves.

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Well I think it should not be considering it when you win the match. I could have done that usually if I had any battle items but unfortunately I was out of items at that time and only thing I got was revival scroll. @Petri FYI

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Normally when the boss is dead, all of tile activities are stop even tiles are matched.

This runs counter to what I’ve seen…?

I’ve done a couple where I made a choice between matching the oni curse at 1 turn remaining and killing the boss… For me, the oni curse was removed when I killed the boss…?

Did the tiles kill the boss? Or was there some kind of DoT which triggered AFTER the tile cascade was finished?

No DOT. I killed the boss using tile matches. But the match doesn’t involve the omni stone tile.

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I had this same thing happen to me. the Onmi stone was at 2. I was ale to kill the boss with my next match but it did not involve the Omni stone. At the end of the floor I lost the hero that was cursed (Sonya previously had 1 curse). This does not seem to happen all the time, so it might be an intermittent bug.

As soon as the final enemy is defeated the board stops and you don’t get any more matches, you never know you could get a good cascade and get the gem to explode.

When you fire the tiles your turn is OVER only cascading tiles will continue your turn. There for you did NOT remove the curse before giving up your turn.

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