Omg Regular Monster Chests can give great loot?!?!

I always make filling the monster chest a priority. Not because the loot has ever been impressive to me, but because the faster I can get them done the faster the cool down ends and may cause rare elemental chest to pop up.

Normal monster chests usually give me things like common herbs and x1 gem. Then this happened so unexpectedly.

I would expect a suprise goody like that from the mystic vision before I would expect it from here. Either this was an extremely lucky chest or I have been unlucky with regular chests the entire time I have been playing :laughing:

If the regular monster chest has ever given you great loot feel free to share the info with me.


yes it can…

again, in the same day… titan loot the same day, dark chest the same day… now regular monster chest in the same day…

something is going on…

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Suspicious :female_detective::mag_right:

Okay, this was back when I was making the decision to ascend my first character with unfarmable mats. I only had the one compass, but several of everything else, therefore I could only ascend one person, even though, aside from the compasses, I had enough mats to do four more ascensions. I decided to do that ascension, completely unsure, since I was then using my one and only compass I had ever gotten and had no idea when I’d receive another. & Right then and there I opened up my monster chest and… BAM! A COMPASS! I had never gotten any unfarmable AM from that chest, so that compass was a treat :blush:


Yup. I’ve gotten plenty of good loot from regular monster (and raid) chests. Just the other day i got a tabard AND an epic hero token from one. They’re rare, but good and even great loot does exist.

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I got mystic rings today

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