Omg fail Sumon again

Evry event fail for me? tkd small giant:)

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Seems so. In my alliance one got 2x5 stars and another one the HOTM. Both Play2Win Players. Even I got a 4 star with 2 summons and usually I am really unlucky…

Atlantis portal is the worst portal to me too.

6 3* for feeding.

Lets cry together :wink:

OK my Dear…:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
And I give you a hug on top :hugs:

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Yes but for me evry event… I Wanna Opteron on staff member… Becouse its not fear and The game lose a lot player :slight_smile:

No Staff member will reply to this…better read this.

You are gambling…you also cannot claim your pulls in a casino on a slot machine or that you did not get the right numbers in a lottery…all know the odds and they are low. That’s it. :expressionless:

I play slot Machines but i have more Lucky lol:))))) but here omg… :))))

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