Omen - 5* Fire / Red - Shadow hero from Secret Summon

The shark at 100% insanity…

Loki works normally… So at least they didn’t screw up that coding.

mine is crazy and i dummied it down so i could get winnable battles / do POG tasks :frowning:

the only reward for doing your absolute best in raid is the impossibility of getting stuff done anyawy

Hot take, i think they should up the size of the fiend or go back to 10 insanity

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I feel like I’ve been mostly bad mouthing omen lately…

He was easily the deciding factor in this league win.

My middle died… So it was just omen and c hulda. And the fiends spread quickly and while i was low on health… Cleopatra went insane and healed me hard… and from there… It just went right.


Good results so far from this tournament. If you fire him once he can’t be cleansed. Have to be careful about firing twice though

arco and ephrya are a kick to the junk… but otherwise I agree with your assessment. If you set off a gailard or any of the anti fiend hotms… you can risk setting omen off a 2nd time or pairing with the aforementioned arco/ephyra… just set them on the opposite wing so they have enough time to charge without catching insanity.

Just found that heals in the bloody battle tournament will still clear 10 insanity even though they do no healing


What is interesting is that fiend blocker works… Just not the effects from the fiend.

I wouldn’t suggest it… But you can resolve insanity with a taunt hero. Omen can’t hit himself and doesn’t hit the taunt hero, thereby resolving insanity, no fiend is placed and giving 50% insanity to the opposition.

It feels like a waste of a charged special though… But i guess is better than punching yourself in the face.

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Have you tried Omen as a tank? I still leveling mine and he is lots of fun on offence. But I’m not sure if fully leveled he is a great or a terrible tank.
Right now I use Luna or Haulstone as a tank, but i don’t have a good option for no heal tournaments and equaliser.

Not really. I put him on war defense because new heroes scare ignorant players… But i think he will be a liability if he just attacks his own team. Not to mention… I love when people put lasalle n defense… Well… Arco does.

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Here’s a little nugget that was discussed in the shadow magic mystery thread…

If an enemy has mindless or shifting mindless and they go insane they will hit your team, and shifting mindless will follow. So keep that in mind when constructing your attack teams.

Pics at the link if you really need to see the screenshots.

I finally leveled this guy and was testing him for last couple of days. So far i love him. Very fun offensive hero, especially against toons. At the same time he is kind of unreliable, opponent can ignore insanity at 90, can become insane at 10. But overall he helped me to beat teams which looked unbeatable for my roster.


Use a taunt hero with active taunt… Tell me what you think.

Oh, thats how my opponents got that 50 insanity couple of times. I was checking his skill and passive and couldnt understand how he inflicts 50 insanity without fiends. I dont know if it was planned to work this way, but I hope Sg will not change it.

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It makes sense. Easter heroes can’t put negative ailments on themselves when taunt is up… So i don’t talk about it much … but i think it breathes new life into kara who i didn’t do much with.

I like using Ludwig with other teams since he is great with all kinds of teams.

For those not in the know… this is a nerf to omen and all insanity heroes…

Insanity updated

  • No longer affected by healing from status effects, Passive Skills, Minions and other secondary sources

But… the synergy with taunt is still in effect… so that’s a plus.

Yep, that was the nail in the coffin I needed to pull the trigger in ascending Lodius and not Omen. Had been testing him out with Odile and it was a great pairing. Not anymore


Yeah he needs bigger fiends and they need to go back to 10 insanity per turn.


This way… Insanity is a pain in the ■■■■ to get rid of… I don’t see this portal being desirable… And sg will wonder what happened. Play the damn game…

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