Olive Guardians looking to merge

Olive Guardians looking to merge. We have 10 spots fully available, and through negotiation, can possibly extend it to 12. Ideal for a smaller alliance with 8-10 members, who want to merge, unite and grow in strength. We mostly hit 7 and 8* titans, but with a united front that can increase our membership to approximately 25-30 members, we seek to hunt 9-10* titans. War is optional, but if you check in, then please use all 6 flags. Come check us out on the gaming app, or contact our alliance on Line, our Line account is same as our alliance title name, Olive Guardians. Our leaders would love to hear from yours. We also have a fun loving side to our alliance, but we are serious about titans and war participation. We have members on all levels from intermediate to elite, with half of our players 2000+ in trophies, and five players who have climbed well beyond the 50th level. If you or your alliance has a passion for this game like we do, then don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Lets grow together. Lets do this. Please contact me (Hutcho) on the Line app, or request a conversation with our other leaders or elders and just tell them I sent you… :slightly_smiling_face: :grinning: Cheers all. Have fun with this game.

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