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What I’ve always found to be a shame is that, when you leave and come back, it resets the timer.

I have reset the clock twice on my alliance since May of 2018 when I first joined. I’ve been playing since Oct 2019 but never really found a good home until I found Sovereign Speakeasy, then Helios (where I, obviously, stayed). Only left Sovereign to join @DJQuixo… but now… I don’t even know where she is… (and she was my IRL friend. really hoping she is OK, as she is in AZ with health problems and their corona virus situation is getting worse)

I absolutely agree. I once left my alliance for a few days and I don’t remember when exactly I joined the first time. But I would really like to know how long it has been since then.

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So I started playing this game almost 4 years ago. We were in an alliance with a inactive leader. 10 of us decided to create a new alliance.

We are coming up on what I would consider a huge milestone. In 25 days IRISH KNIGHTS will have been active for 1000 days.

Which brings me to my question. How many other alliances have been loyally active to this game? What is the longevity of those alliances? Could we have a active alliance longevity leader board some where?

Love our loyalty and camaraderie in IRISH KNIGHTS. This is unique and thank you for this game, time and effort put in on creating this.


“[SRS] Shadow Warriors” are the oldest active with continuous membership, I believe. 1415 days at time of writing.


Thread of interest:


This thread has info to.

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