Old Heroes of the Month

So, they’ve stated that they are looking for ways to give an opportunity for people to get previous heroes of the month. What ways do you think are the best way for them to do that? Maybe an event with access to those heroes? Or one month where the hero of the month is actually any previous hero. Any better ideas?

I like having the opportunity to get good heroes that were available before I started. I hope that they announce it beforehand so that I can prepare or have it last a whole month.

Edit: Adding previous HotM to Training Camp 20 after a couple month cool down is another good idea.


If it’s something stupid like having to top 10 in an event, that will totally defeat the purpose and suck. It should either be as a HOTM or some sort of event hero. But honestly it should be HOTM so there’s a better chance to get it. spending for event 5* is total hit or miss and a basic money grab.

  1. good idea! I would love the chance to get some of them! Like Hel or Ares.

  2. event only if they are the event heroes that you can summon. Yes please!
    But I would not bother if they were, like, prize for rank 1-3 or so.

agree with @Dante2377


Even if they are event heroes, you not only have to roll the 3% to get a 5 star, but then mix them in with the rest of the standard heroes. No thanks.

Just re-release them as HOTM.


No way they will simply rerun a prior HotM. Players like me use Summons solely to get HotM and event heroes. No new hero, no need to use gems that month. Bad for business.

Personally I’d like to see HotM added to TC 20 after, say, 6-12 months. Nosebleed odds of getting one, but you could…


I edited my post to agree with yours :slight_smile:

Most of the player base does NOT have Hel, athena, Ares.

If they make them event heroes with little chance to get them with spending huge dollars like Arthur or Panther, as opposed to medium dollars like HOTM then they fully have moved to P2W and money grab IMO.


In TC 20 they’re equally available to all, no gems needed—just patience and luck.

Yeah, doing it as an event definitely wouldn’t be great. But adding them to TC 20 is another great idea. I actually like that one best.

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Better yet, tc 21…


Maybe it could offer 4*, 5*, and any HOTM older than 6 months. 1 mil hams, 150 recruits, and build time 30 days.


I like it, but 7 days would be plenty


This is pretty much the right way to look at it.

Fair to the people that spent, best for SG’s pocket book.

I get the F2P complaints, truly I do; however, in being fair to all sides everyone gets the same opportunity over time, and they could always do two different HOTM’s in a month, new and old, and I don’t think people would complain really as anyone who spends to pull, understands dupes are a fact of E+P.


I have a crazy idea! There is a possibility to gain an exclusive 5* hero by summoning. What if we have the same opportunity in training camp 20? That would bring fresh air to the game.


Here’s my suggestion. As the game continues to age and more and more players hit TC20, there is a ceiling. Whenever they add season 2 of the game, I think they should create 5 more levels for the training camp, with level 25 being 4-stars, with a chance of a 5-star, and the HOTMs being included in that chance.


I can see something along those lines, but the level would probably be higher than 25.

CIt could be Level 21 – the level # doesn’t matter so much as the cost. If building cost were 2 million iron, research cost 5 million hams, using 200 recruits and 1 million hams each time, it wouldn’t matter much what level you call it, it will cost a pile.

A lot of ideas on this subject were articulated here:


I want some of that heroes. Aegir is a cheat, so delete him from the game, or make him awailable in any time.

I would pay 500 bucks right now for onatel!

According to what happening with Alchemy Lab in current beta
this is what I’ve thinking of potentially roll out with Hero Academy Level 10

Your excess 5* hero / 300 Gem / 497K Food / 500 Recruits / 7 days

for 1% chances of draw previous HotM randomly
albeit higher chances to get another unwanted 5*

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