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Suggestion for SG

You have been inserting new heroes and most of us don’t have the items for all heroes we summon. So I suggest the option of bringing a hero that was maxed back to lvl1 and receiving back the mats (blades, tomes, capes etc…) when doing that. I suggest this because this way people can level new heroes they wish and also get rid of old weaker ones.

By bringing him back to zero means you lose all ham and recruits invested, but ny having your mats back you can now level a newer and better hero same color.

This would be an incentive to all players to continuing summoning since they can now level a new hero if they wish to “release” an older hero.

If someone has a Thorne leveled up and the receives a Magni through TC 20, or even an Athena or Alasie through Atlantis. This would mean they could decide to wait for new mats to level the new and stronger 5*, but they could also power level back to lvl1 Thorne and use the mats now on his new 5* blue. But if they like their Thorne they dont need to do anything.

certainly it would give players more leverage since we have so many heroes being released constantly. And given how hard mats are to find it would be very, very helpful for every player, giving us more freedom with our heroes/roster.

That is a good idea. That would be an alternate solution to AM scarcity.

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