Old hero highlighted as new by mistake

This happened to me today. I got Needler as a part of a battle loot package and in the hero roster instead of Needler, Li Xiu has been highlighted as a new hero. You can see Li Xiu is already on level 20, so…
new on lvl 20

You just got it and the hero icon was marked whit a red number, this is new in your herolist .

Not new hero fore the game.

I’m curious about @Pois1’s issue and I’m afraid I do not understand your response, @Graffn. Can you explain that a little bit more clearly, please?

@Brobb, when i read over again, neither do I.

I didn’t read properly and I feel “stupid” :roll_eyes:

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No prob - I thought maybe you understood it better than me, but I guess we’re both in the same boat. :wink:


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