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My guide for Sanctuary of Gargoyles, including a look at all the new heroes:



I take a lighthearted look at Kalo:


I enjoy reading your blog posts @OldCynic. :+1: That is all.


How to set up a Defense Team in Empires and Puzzles. This guide is most suitable for newer players and focuses on synergy:

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That was great :100: I´m impressed with that defense of yours - I do not think I would have thought about putting that together. It looks sturdy! :heart_eyes: I just got Gandalf, so yay, hope to get LB materials for him soon :pray:


Thanks Gwniver! It was doing quite well before the nerf hammer. He has been an asset for me in Tourneys too.


Yes, I imagine! He´s so versatile, can´t wait to make him strong. :green_heart:

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Great tips, as always! I was pleasantly surprised to hear a defense with 3x 4*s (2 of them from season 1) holds 2700 cups! That’s a feat on its own! Congratulations!

A couple of points to add on your already great piece:

You mentioned you used to run the reverse formation because you found out to be the most frustrating to deal with and yelded the best results. This is not a coincidence. Generally speaking, reverse is the most efficient formation, because it splits tiles more evenly and while at that, is the best at preventing the enemy of creating a void to be able to ghost tiles.

Well, the double formations prevent ghosting tiles as well, but the downside is that the second line of heroes take considerably longer to fire.

I emphasized “generally”, because as you experimented yourself, depending on the synergy you are looking for, it could make sense running other formations.

The other point is that you said “left wing is a traditional spot for MoNo, because it gets the most out of her special skill”. That’s true. But more specifically, that’s her traditional spot because if she’s at the left wing and resses another hero with their mana full, they will fire at that same turn, since the firing order is left–>right.


Thanks for the feedback Raspututim, I agree with your points.

On the first, I need a post on Formations to get into the nitty gritty, and as the Defense post was already so lengthy I opted to keep it short. I initially had images ready for all formations, but there was a real concern of it rolling on and on.

I’d like to have a dedicated post on Formations, which can be referenced as many others were.

Re MN, yes, I was trying to insinuate that, but clearly not well enough. It was a big task, and I was still trying to clean it up today.

I appreciate you giving the feedback, and when I come back to the post tomorrow or the following day, I’ll update around your points. Thanks again!

Also, I don’t want to presume your interest, and I also don’t want to break forum rules, but if you would like to discuss Formations further, I have a number of communication options, including a public Facebook page.

I would enjoy a blog post about formations :heart_eyes:

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