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A post about the new 5 star Legendary Troops.

I have also added statistical data from my beta testing:

Thank you!


Thanks for the great update on hero ranking! I can see lots of heroes got downgrade now e.g. CFrancine, Frigg and Viselus down to Archangel

One guy though stand still at Diety-2, the great panda Sha Ji … :joy: I think with today meta and skyrocketing stat, he who hasnt got stat-buff should be down to Diety-1 :crazy_face:


:grin: The 2-star Heroes are well protected from the power creep because they don’t make any new 2-star heroes!

But they do cause confusion in my ranking so maybe they should be moved!


This is my review of Leadria, Empires and Puzzles December 23 HotM:

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Hello everyone, here is my Christmas post, a light hearted look at Empires and Puzzles in 2023:

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Thanks for the lovely article and Nice to see Ithar @ #2:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

By the way, just want to note the reason she works for others: with Zack analysis of defence mechanic:
Ithar alone can usually help other fast holy charges in 6 tiles.

Even better, combine her with R&N, these two can even make average speed red or holy charges in 6 tiles too


Bonus Ithar steal buff from best hero Hippo :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Btw, I saw you rate Cookie and Ginger as dieties 1 and 2… Though you may not have time to fully review them, is it possible to give some of your quick thoughts here ?

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Hey Ufeel, both were from the Think Tank with Cookie a straight forward T1 with some discussion about a possible T3 for Ginger. It was a close call but I went conservatively with a T2.


My Soul Exchange countdown post:

Thank you!


I’m retiring from writing about E&P and I wanted to thank you for your support over the years:


Dear @OldCynic

It’s so sad to hear that you are retiring! Your blog was the most enjoyable part of E&P

I don’t think I can thank you enough for your time and funny but always spot on reviews! I’ve learnt so much from your blog!

Thank you so so so much

You will be desperately missed!

Hope you enjoy your free time and best wishes

Happy New Year



Always love reading your informative and humorous blog @OldCynic will def miss you.
Do wish you well and best wishes in whatever you take on :blush::+1:


OldCynic it’s sad seeing you go! :sob: :sob: :sob:

For sure i’ll miss your superb blog with the amazing hero reviews, detailed analysis and funny comments!

All this time your blog helped me understand not only the functionality of the heroes and how to create synergy with the rest of the team, but also how to find a value for each hero (even for heroes with meek or warrior ratings).

thank you!!


@OldCynic thx for tour contribution and hope you enjoy what is next. What ever you do is will add more value to your life. :heart:

Ps. It is not a easy game to blog about a game with more or less a tone deaf SG and a company without communication department.

Happy gaming


Your posts were always informative, entertaining and well written! Thank you for all the hard work you put into this and I wish you all the very best for you future endeavors!


Your timely and informative insights will be missed @OldCynic. Thank you! :trophy: All the very best for future endeavors in 2024 and beyond.


Oh no, sad to hear that! Thanks for all the time you put into your blog posts, really loved to read those, you for sure will be missed!


Thank you @OldCynic for all the posts that you’ve made, and i’m glad to hear that you’ll still be enjoying the game at the newfound more leisurely pace! We’ll be keeping an eye oopen for any sneaky posts that do come up from time to time, but until then - make the most of your time, and enjoy the new content that you’re going to be trying!

See you in game :heart:


@OldCynic I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blog over that last few years. Always looking forward to your next hero update. Thank you for your time and making my e&p experience that little bit better.


I wish the best for you @OldCynic !

Thx for your previous articles on your blog.