Old costumes without heros

Just curious. For all of those who drew old costumes but dont have the herose to wear them. When the new costume event opens will everyone be given free heros to go with the costumes that dont have heros to wear them? It only seems fair.


wish they will I got Elena’s dress but no place to wear it.

Sadly they won’t.
It has been asked multiple times.

Nope. They changed the value of summon and they already said old summons won’t get hero

Thanks guys. Search as i must i couldnt find those questions so i figure its easier to just open a new thread. I always get answers from you guys much quicker this way.

Not clear why it would be fair. You pulled the costume fully aware there was a chance of not having the hero, and with no expectation of getting the hero. Now they are providing the hero but at a higher cost.

Never said it was fair or unfair. Just trying to answer questions for team mates and such. Im not too concerned with costumes. I havent drawn but 3 and those were all free chances.

Kind of funny I drew isarnia and joon with 2/3 lol. Fortunately i have both

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I maybe should have quoted this from your post then?

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Well I dont feel like I’m owed anything (I pulled Lianna costumes with keys from masquerade) but I am frustrated. I know I had better odds than people will now but it still sucks that I missed out on getting Lianna just because I used my keys right away because there was absolutely no incentive to wait to use those keys in the future. Again I dont feel I’m owed anything but one can’t help but feel slighted.

I liked a suggestion I read that players that got costumes in the first portal, for heroes they dont have, should be allowed to purchase the heroes with gems but I dont think that sort of solution will be implemented.

Covered here:

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