Olaf or Ragnhil

Which is better? I have bane, Layla, Morgan, Olaf, and Shaji

Honestly, none.

I would hold off on working TOO hard on 2* heroes. Probably just a single set of 5. To finish the team, would advise Ragnhild over olaf.

My advice would be to focus build your base & Training camps to get one at TC13. Once you’re there you will get a steady supply of 3* heroes with the odd 4* one.

So to do this, focus on building ONLY:

  • Stronghold
  • Iron Storage
  • Mines
  • Farms (but not too much…)
  • House (to get a capacity of 72+ for TC13 training)

Once you have TC13 I would keep that running non-stop. Push your other two training camps to TC11 as this is REALLY cheap to run & gets you a fairly steady supply of feeder heroes (1 & 2*) to feed to your 3 & 4* heroes

After getting TC13 I would push your Stronghold on to Level 20. Again, just focus on building the Stronghold, Iron Mine & Iron Storage.

Once you get to SH20, push the NEW training camp alllll the way from Level 1 to level 20. Then run it (and maybe another one) at TC20 non-stop. This will give you more 3* heroes but also 4* ones & the odd 5* hero.

Once you have base & Training Camps at 20, I would go back & infill the other stuff… Starting with Farms, Food storage & Houses… Then working through the other buildings.

Some REALLY good links for new players:


Look at the thread he created earlier…

Borgan? Morgan? I think you may be wasting your breath.

Wow, I am impressed how you can give so comprehensive replies so quickly. Do you have templates on your computer for these kind of questions? I need more time to reply in the forum games…

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Not really no. Just free play the replys tbh.


Worth pointing out that your tc20 requires 1000000 food to research. I’d suggest doing food storages up to that point prior to power levelling that last tc. Increased storage capacity also increases the amount of food/iron you get from various chests, which will pay off more than an unresearched tc sitting idle while you wait.

Also watchtower>>>mines. Produces about 2 mines worth of iron and 2 farms worth of food. Hands down best resource producing structure, and you can collect from it while it upgrades. Do your watchtower first, then worry about your mines.


Be nice, bub. He/she is a new player, sometimes it takes a while for them to learn the names.


Absolutely yes, I wish someone had told me that when I was a beginner! :slightly_smiling_face:

Then stop acting like a little school bully, punk. Stop yapping your mouth off, being rude to people who have done nothing to you. You want to pick fights, go pick on people in real life.

I couldn’t give a rat’s behind who you are or what you breathe, you have been starting trouble in the other thread, and then started acting like everyone was bullying you. That’s who you are, that’s what you do, you talk ■■■■, then cry “help”. I’m not following you, I don’t know you, I don’t want to know you. I helped Nightshade in another thread, as well. The difference is, back then, he/she didn’t have Ragnhild, it was Olaf vs 2 1* (Brand and Sugrunn). Now, Nightshade got Ragnhild, and wants to know if she is better than Olaf. This is why this place exists, either help or kick rocks. I understand if it was a veteran asking these questions, but noobs need this place more than anyone…make them feel welcome or shut up.

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I don’t apologize on behalf of others because I don’t control them, but believe me, this forum is full of helpful and fun individuals. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

I wouldn’t say Olaf vs. Ragnhild is an easy call, but I went with Ragnhild when I started off because I like to play offensively. Olaf’s defense boost is massive when it goes off, though.
Bane is awesome. One of the best yellow 3* in the game. I’d take him & run with it.

Honestly, a little extra tip here–I’ve been playing for a year, my stronghold’s level 23, and I have 11 5* heroes.

I also still have my Layla. I suggest maxing her all the way.

As you play, you get these class emblems that you can only use when a hero is max leveled. My Layla is maxed on those emblems, which makes her about as powerful as a max-leveled 3* hero. Every now & again, we get events you can only use specific classes for. I don’t have many rogues, so even with all my resources, I still use Layla.

It’s good advice to save those emblems for better heroes later, and you will get those. But you can also get reset emblems, which will refund those emblems for you to use on a better rogue later. I’ve never used one of those emblems, but when I get a good 4* or 5* rogue (which might take another few months for all I know), I have 5 reset emblems waiting.

Or you can just spend 7 gems to clear Layla’s emblems. You’d lose, what, 4 emblems in the long run? Not much. Totally worth what she’s done for me.

Layla’s the only 2* I get that excited about. Average mana speed for a little damage on everyone is, honestly, too little too slow when you start getting 3* heroes. But Layla’s a good one. (If you draw any dark 3* before you max Layla’s talent grid then it’ll still be better, but right now, you’re not rolling in 3*. You use what you have, and Layla’s my favorite 2*.)

It’s also very helpful to have more than 5 good heroes when you start doing alliance wars. I was saving my rogue emblems, but I eventually maxed Layla’s talent grid to use her for war. That was after I even started getting 4* heroes. I then wished I’d spent the emblems sooner! Again, after a year of playing, I have still never regretted maxing Layla.

There you go. 5 paragraphs. XD “What’s this level 36 guy doing drooling over Layla?” If you get a dark 3* then leave Layla at the curb and level the 3*. But until then, max the Layla

I read Borgan as a typo not for Morgan (5* event hero) which a new player obviously wouldn’t have, but Brogan (2* feeder) which they almost certainly would. If you’re going to score points, make sure you’re aiming at the right goal.

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All your windmills will be fine at 6 also mines at 8 that will be enough up to sh13đź‘Ť

True, in my case it was before Mines and Farms to be brought to Lv20 for that exact reason. However you need to capture all of outposts for Watchtower to attain that efficiency, and someone considering Uncommon heroes to advance in game won’t be that far in Season 1 I think (though of course this is more of a hint on how to progress).

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