Ok what gives

Ok yes I’m lower level, was told about game from friends who’ve played now for 3+ years. I have 1tc @13 and currently upgrading rest of SH and buildings etc. My complaint is I have 30 hero’s all 3s and my tc13 and few summons from gathering gems and the grey tokens, no EHTs yet other than the one you get at the beginning! So for almost 2 weeks my tc13 and summons have only given me dark!!! Where’s the RNG!? Been playing for almost 3 months, c’mon !!

RNG is streaky, went a year with no 5* red while pulling red elemental. The better you do the better your heroes will be.

Mods please close, rng complaint.


Firstly welcome to the forum.
@DocBrown tale is not unique. If you use the search tool, you’ll find hundreds of similar stories from players who’ve been asking that same question, what gives, for years. Enjoy…

Oh I know @Sarah2, I finally have 2 5* reds, I was just using my personal experience as an example.

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Those are the tales that need to be told. Congrats on the red 5* heros :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Welcome to the forum and the game that is played at the speed of life.
Three star heroes are much better than they were three years ago when l started, now you have emblems and costumes to improve your heroes with.
The best thing about this game is the people you meet in your alliance, here in the forum, and the Line and Discord rooms.
Pull up a comfy chair, your favorite drink, and enjoy!

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It wouldn’t be RNG if there weren’t tales like this. I would be suspicious of RNG that gave a variety all the time to everyone.

I went over a year with no red 5*, then I pulled three from TC20 in a week (two on successive pulls). That was crazy.


20 types of agreement.

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