Ok, what am I doing wrong?


So I just completed intermediate with what I thought was a pretty decent team. First run with no retries and I ended with a score of around 480,000 (around 9000ish place)
I looked at the leader boards and there are people with basic troops, lower team power who are scoring well over 600,000 points.
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best at this game but still, I feel like I should be scoring more points. what am I doing wrong? Am I just not blasting high end items? Am I strategizing wrong? Are there some tutorials on better techniques?


What team are you running? remember, we’ve seen pirates three times now. People know what color the mobs are in each stage, what color and abilities are, and how to play fast (i.e. bring falcon and another red for extra red damage, use jackal for extra yellow damage, use wu for all damage etc). There’s also a lot of people who prepare by crafting tons of items so you can unload 5 x axes 5x bombs etc which helps get the times down and the scores up.

It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong, you’re just not as optimized and don’t play as fast as others.

There’s also a ton of flasking to retries to get good boards.


Time used affects points too. As does the final health of your team. In other words, don’t think your moves too much, and try to heal before hitting the killing blow on boss monsters.


So here’s my team currently, as well as what I have as potential backups.
BT, jackal, Sonya, Melendor (all at 4/70) and hu tao at 3/60. Double yellow and I dropped out tiburtus.
I have as other backups a Lancelot at 4/50ish, a rigard at 3/60, Skittle at 3/60 and boril at 3/60.
I usually take in bombs and axes but don’t always use them. I guess I should even if I don’t need them.
Speed-wise, I’m relatively fast. There is almost no delay in moves, I guess it could just be that I’m not trying over and over so I’m not getting optimized boards.
Thanks for the point about healing up at the end. I assumed it was based on your damage taken so there wasn’t anything you could do about it at that point.
Any and all tips are welcomed. Thanks!


Its because you don’t have Wu Kong.
My team is far from be optimal but I’ve done 530.638 without retry (and I’ll end without retrying) with:

-Wu Kong

Your team only lack Wu Kong and a “Ramming Pulverizer” to be perfect.
Try to look at the Ladder: you’ll see a Wu Kong, a Boldtusk and a Grimm in 99% of the teams.
If your only “Ramming Pulverizer” were Tiburtus… you’re only unlucky :frowning:



Posted my scores for every stage of intermediate and the team i used on most of them, Hope you can get some pointers. I’ve used few items, I was not very well prepared for this.


I always end in the top 100 in all 3 categories in all the events, so i’m not a rookie.

This time the reward don’t appeal me so much, so i decided to not use flasks nor much items on it.

Well… I really suck this time :rofl: