Ok, what about Titan Swarms for advanced players?

The recent bug in the game that showed two titans at the same time gave me an idea. What if, instead of one large 10* titan two 8* or three 7* showed up and the alliance would have to defeat all the titans in the swarm to gain the “win” and receive the 1 point toward filling the Titan box? I think this seems like a good idea and it would be an interesting dynamic to add to the game as the Alliance would have to coordinate to kill all 3 titans. Well, most would. Some would have no problem, but it would still be fun.


I realize that it has only been 15 hours since I posted this, but I really expected this suggestion to be a bit more popular.

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Not enough flags in a 30 person alliance to kill multiple titans, end of discussion. :kissing_heart:

I read it, Otto! Being that my alliance is killing 6’s , but not quite 7’s, my reaction was, “Good Lord, please, NO!!!” I’m sure the sentiment is, um, slightly different for those who can take 10’s in 20 minutes. I watched that video…awesome…

Thanks, I really laughed when I read your reply. Our Alliance has been taking on 10* titans for a while and every now and then someone will ponder what kind of damage they could do against a 7* now. Yeah, the idea would be for higher level Alliances, but it does not have to be. Imagine your alliance taking on two 5* or 3 4* titans. It might be kind of fun.

Do I get loot from all 3 8*'s if we win? :slight_smile:

Titan chest isn’t the focus TBH, or mercing would’ve died.

I don’t know really how I feel about this idea, I do know I’d much rather have 11* and higher in game.

Actually, the loot in general would have to be scaled to whichever titan should have shown up instead of the “swarm.” Meaning that instead of another 10* you get two 8* or three 7*, the loot would have to be consistent with the 10* loot at the very least, but it could be more. Kind of like a special event or elemental box.

There actually are enough flags. If you drop 2 stars down from your usual max titan, you ought to be able to kill it well before the 12 hour mark. if you drop 3 stars down, it would still be a challenge to kill three of them, but it would be a rare event at any rate and any alliance ought to be able to down three titans 3 stars lower than their average titan star level.

Hmm…would at least one Titan be the level we’ve worked hard to reach? It might be fun to kill a 9* + 1*, or similar, but if we face two 7*, I would be mad. I want the potential loot we’ve worked up to.

It doesn’t pop every time, but when it pops, I want it!!

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Like I said above, the rewards would have to be the same or better than the current level of titan your Alliance is facing or it would be more like a punishment when it happened. It should be an exciting event when it occurs and the rewards should at least match your current titan level or even a bit higher.

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