Ok, SG, about your offers lately

I’ve noticed that over time, the 4 star ascension items have migrated towards the much more expensive packages. It’s rare to find them in anything less than a 50 dollar offer. They used to be found in lower ones.

I remember the 2017 Christmas calendar, gems + item… and the ones with the 4 star item was 9.99. I bought some. I have never and will never purchase a 50 dollar plus offer for essentially gems and 1 thing I want plus battle item fluff.

I’ll come right out and say it. I have 2 accounts. One wants darts and one wants tonics. If you guys start making these 4 star items show up in smaller packages, I’d buy and I know I’m not the only one.

Please make them more accessible again, like I remember when I started.

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I have two accounts as well so the $140 CAN offer is too rich for me …

I’m tempted by the middle offer but also worry I’ll regret it if some sweet little offers come within the next two weeks.

Decisions …

The Halloween and Christmas calendar offers had several of those this time around too. But I agree they’re not very common outside of the seasonal offers.

I had the same thoughts.
Oh well, SG will not have my money unless some serious offer will come.
If not, I can survive and still have fun as a F2P player :wink:

Well the only logical thing is to not buy and when they’re not making the money they want to make they will make better offers

Don’t get me wrong people will buy some of the offers but they do have an expectation on what they want to make as far as money

yeah Seasonal offer are most better , but cant expect it would happen in every months , not good for my wallet.

I will love to not find in any offer that kind of ascension items, but if you MUST have to do it, make it avalaible for C2P too as OP suggest.

Thanks man , really appreciate , i will do *4 3-60 for now

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