Ok, punk, here we go again – Browser Version of Game

Ok, soooo…I was thinking. What about having a browser version of this game? I looked, but maybe not well enough, so if you would, @zephyr1 and @Garanwyn, double check me, that would be nice.

I like to play some games mobile when I’m gone, and on the pc when I’m home. I know there is emulators that will do this, but my pc ain’t really souped up. I tried bluestacks, and it was slowwwwwwww. so annoyingly so, that I uninstalled it.

So, my idea is to make a browser version of E&P so that you can play it on the web, without a emulator. :slight_smile: please give feed back.

I don’t see any existing requests, but I did amend your title to make it easier to find. :slight_smile:

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Grasias amigo. (Thank you man)

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