OK, please explain this

When I have multiple summon tokens (same type), such as from a purchase, I have to redeem then ONE AT A TIME. Why is there no capacity to redeem all at once? After all, if I BUY a 10-pack, I get them all in one shot. This makes ZERO sense.

Second, why are Red troops so hard to get? If I buy a 10-pack of elite troops, I am LUCKY if I can get more than one Red. I have little problem getting multiples of the other four colors. One time, I got FIVE purple in a single batch buy. I have basically no spare troops for level-up fodder. I have tons of the others. This needs some serious rebalancing.

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The first issue is probably just that they never coded a feature to be able to redeem them all at once.

Like pulling feeders from your training camps… you used to have to do them all individually, until they added the “collect all” feature. Could probably be fixed by them putting in a “collect all” feature for summon portals.

The second issue, regarding troop colors… that is, unfortunately, just RNG. I didn’t have much trouble with reds, but it took me forever and a day before I got my first 4* blue troop. I think everyone has a certain troop (and even hero) color that eludes them, though the missing color differs from one player to the next.

It’s actually the same with ascension mats. The game has given me plenty of green heroes, but almost never any sturdy shields. I have plenty of fine gloves, but hardly any compasses.

Yet about every other day on here, someone is posting that they have plenty of compasses and no fine gloves.


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