OK, now i'm really irritated...defeat titan, no loot, no processing, nothing

My alliance is very small, probably 5 to 6 out 30 fight, we are not fighting more than 1 or 2 star titans.

I used 6 flags to A+ the stoneskin dragon and finished. When fight was over, it just said defeated.

I go back to map, no processing, no loot screen, only thing it did do was increment titan count in chest.

I exited the game, came back in. Waited an hour, still no loot.

So how is something like this resolved?

I’m really not happy.


First time this has happened… thoughts?


And something else I just thought of too, when the battle was over on my end, my score was over 82K now it is reverted to 68755, so clearly it never registered or some rollback happened and it completely ignored my last battle while using an alliance flag.

I’m really irritated because I’m looking for the hams/iron to finish building…and that is about 80K down the drain…

If that really is a full alliance but with just 5-6 active I would leave and form a new one with the active people or merge somewhere else.

There was one time I thought I missed it but then went into the inventory and saw I had rewards. If you are sure about no loot you need customer service.

I did look in the inventory and I knew the iron/ham count because I’m in research of my TC20 and working hard to get my forges to 20 also. So I am 100% sure it never dropped loot from it.

I tried looking at the support button in the game, it just redirects me to the website…never filed a ticket before, so I’ll have to see how that is done.

As far as moving to a new alliance, I see most are closed or high cup counts…so I’ll have to look at that area of the website.

Yeah, that’s not right. Scroll to the bottom of this FAQ for the blue link “Submit a request” and click that to connect with Game Support:


Submitted, thanks Rook, not really sure what they can/will do, but at least it is noted.

I am still not happy, it cost me flags and I really needed the food/iron.

Webpage: Your request was successfully submitted.

Be curious to see what they say.

It may have happened to me once but I saw the titan chest filled and a new compass in the inventory so I was ok with it. :slight_smile:

Hope you get your “issue” fixed.

Just claimed a filled titan chest.

1 Crypt mushroom
1 Wooden shield
5 gems
1 basic summon token

Killing 5 titans, 3 of them 7* and 2 of them 8* and that’s all one gets? Wow

Well at least you weren’t stiff out of your loot…LOL…that seems rather low return for titans of that level.

Hey Kitt. My alt is in a training alliance now beginning to grow, we hit 3* and 4* titans. We have 3 open spots now, but more to come, as we just implemented the kick if not hiting the titan 2 days in a row. Maybe we could talk merger. If you are interested, look me up in line, branwen62
The alliance name is Pasargada

Thanks for that, I am only a member of the alliance, nothing more, I would have no way to merge…and I’ve YET to even see the leader of the alliance show up and play…the other members are pretty regular which is why it “survives”.

I am thinking of trying to find a new alliance but my team is “meh” for some of the upper team requirements to enter.

All the best,

SG did follow up (rather quickly!) and said that their logs show I was awarded X loot even if the loot screen didn’t show up. They listed it all out, food/cash/shrubs mostly, but it was given.

So maybe I just missed it. Either way, the issue is resolved and closed.

I am satisfied they looked into fast and give an answer.


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