Ok, I'm really need sensible plan

Help me, who I should ascend

:Uploading: Screenshot_2018-11-15-17-06-41.png… Blue: Grimm-Valeria, Agwe or second Kiril?
Green: Melendor-Second Melendor or Kashrek?
Red: Scarlett-second Scarlett or Elena to 3^70(I have 3 rings)
Yellow: second Li xiu?
Yes, I have mats for my 4* heroes
Thank for every help :slight_smile:

Grimm, second Kiril, Valeria if no better blue
Mel, Kashrek, second Mel
Scarlett, Elena 3/70,second Scarlett

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Thanks mate :slight_smile:
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How far are you from being able to ascend Joon?

A second Li has some use in AW or stacking, but Joon is much better. This would be a time to gather

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I have 4 poison darts

Joon is an excellent hero and will be very useful when you get the darts.


I know, I read this post :slight_smile:

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