Ok I want some serious explanations

OK I want some serious explanation as to the true mechanics of this game. I do not know why the word random is thrown around so easily when it comes to the games tile functions. If you run 5 × 1 elemental hero and you do not get any tiles of that color on your board that is not random that is in place and it is in the algorithms and sg needs to be truthful about how these mechanics work. It is driving away current players it has drove away past players and it is seriously getting under my skin. I’ve played this game for over a year and nobody can explain this to me other than the word random. I am tired of hearing random it is not random to get 2 yellow tiles on a raid that I use 3 yellow heroes on that is not random that is forced by the system is anyone ever going to bring out the truth about how this game’s mechanics work? I don’t care about drawing heroes I don’t care about leveling hero specials I care about the fact that the mechanics of this game are busted


Don’t worry too much about it - it’s just random.


Lets say you are right and that the game isn’t random on the tile distribution. So what?

It’s the same for all of us, nobody is being cheated.

Lets say that they now correct this so it will be easier to win with using multiple colors. This will of cause also mean that you will loose to weaker players. Then we will get even more complaints about “Why do I loose to weaker players?”

Also why on earth would they lie about this. If the developers find it preferable to do this they could just say “Yes the tiles are not random as we have to this to balance the game” or whatever the reason for doing this is.


Look I get it. It’s a game … but it’s a game that’s becoming less enjoyable by false mechanics. And it’s not just raids. Its titans as well. This game is becoming p2w vs f2p. If you’re not getting tiles you can survive by having better heroes until the board rolls along in your favor … but my point is if someone is going to risk thier cups or helping thier team by color stacking and there is a handicap it should be public knowledge … not just written off as random. Random is random. If random was the case there would be times running 5× an element would actually produce a half way decent board but no tiles of the color consistantly is NOT random. While I’m on it the loot reward system sucks it’s way too much effort for way not enough reward. Aw system is busted matchmaking sucks they need to remove it and go back to the drawing board on that. Hero rolling is a joke unless you spend mad money. I’ve been playing over a year. I have done 6 months of free holy elemental pulls and cannot get a wu to save my life but I see people with 6 of them who haven’t played half the time. I believe I’m not getting wu because it would dramatically increase my titan damage and I bitch constantly about it. I swear because I talk about wu so often is why I’m not getting him. That’s off topic but anyways back to my point. It’s not fair to casual players who dont spend to have thier gameplay ruined by the word random. If the mechanics are written as such 1 x = such handicap vs 5 x = such handicap then it could be documented and strategy could then be implemented but to write it off as random is just maddening


Paragraphs, please.

Not reading that wall of text.


It has been verified long time ago that it is … random!


How about starting with Petri’s post here:

Maybe you could read through the whole thread? It’s pretty long, but you might learn something from it. If you’ve got anything new to add I’d be impressed.


Hey. Sorry you’re so frustrated at the moment.

I must say that my experience is entirely to the contrary. I haven’t paid a penny and have a growing bench of useful 4* and the materials for all of them.

I wouldn’t have been able to level 5* yet, but now I have materials for them. I expect my Training Camp to produce one in the next few months, in line with the probability. Maybe it won’t.

I win my raids by picking my teams carefully.

I colour stack every raid and every titan and never notice any bias. I sometimes lament not having my strong colour in spades down the middle of the board, but that’s because I’m looking for it.

As for your quote on Wu, was this simply for emphasis or do you actually think that you are targeted? I got Wu from a training camp; he is in deed very useful for titans, but not so good for raids/wars or farming.

I think we might need to define your definition of random vs other people’s definition of random. I assume that when you think of random you think that there will be an average of 7 tiles of each color on the 35 tile board? My definition of random is there can be any number of tiles of any color as long as there is not an instant match when you first start the game.

For the mono-color teams, I like to call them 5tack, you are basically gambling on there being that color. It’s more about clearing tiles and only setting off the enemy heroes that you can handle. I would say I raid a lot with 5tack between raid chests when I get board or if I want to fill a chest fast since it’s either you win or lose in the first minute or so of play. That being said I usually go four max 4* and a 3/60 or a 5*, three 4*, and a 3/60 I would say I win 5/6 raids so it is doable.

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If it is any consolation:

  • It took me over a year to get Wu (I think from TC20)
  • Wu increases my score on Titans sometimes, by maybe 10-15k
  • Wu also misses, sometimes spectacularly. I have had a Titan score below 4k with Wu, so he’s not a golden guarantee of greatness

Just sayin’…


The “reality” of it.

Sometimes you will run a monochrome team and 12 tiles will be in your color with an obvious diamond match out the gate. I regularly beat 3800+ teams with a 2900 monochrome purple team.

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That’s fun. I will put it in the Fictionary.



You had me at Hello. False mechanics? Let’s get married!

Wasn’t this about false mechanics?!

Wouldn’t those OP heroes still need the corresponding tiles to charge…?

So, logic would also dictate that if there’s no public knowledge of a handicap, there’s no handicap, right? Oh, logic doesn’t work that way? Well, at least we have an official statement about boards being random, because people repeatedly believing it not being so. And no, you cannot use those people as an evidence.

Well, if there’s both an official statement and no actual proof of boards not being random, saying boards are random can’t really be said being writing anything off, because there’s nothing to write off… You see the logical fallacy here? No? Ok.

At last! Now you get it!

Yes! And that’s one way to get really great scores! You should try it!


Well, that actually doesn’t seem random, but that not being the case, it’s probably random. Or not true.

Yes, sounds legit.

Never noticed you changed subject! Lol! Well, let’s continue then!

Didn’t you say it was false mechanics ruining the game, and now it’s a word? Here are two more words ruining the game: confirmation bias.

But if it isn’t, it would not be documented, so… Didn’t we already cover this?!

Well, if it’s really this bad for you, a sound strategy for you would be to stop color stacking.

I’m pretty sure we covered this too…?

Kind regards, Ornery

PS But seriously: someone having your (low) amount of luck in an RNG based game mechanics can be said to – and you’re not going to like this – suffering from things being random. But if you’re truly as cursed as you believe you are, my guess is that you’re also not doing the best with what you have. If you want some real advice, post your heroes, your goals and your problem, and people will help you. I’m not joking.


Im sure it is random, but there are plenty of times when I have no red hero and all I see is red tiles, but I think there is some human interaction that causes this as well. If you don’t make mataches for those tiles, they will build up.


Awesome way to pick apart my comments. Anywho. Random is not random if I run a rainbow team and get balanced tiles then run a 5 x team and get NO tiles that color almost the entire round. And yes I do a fair amount of tile clearing with tiles that do no damage trying to get said color tiles. I have ran rainbow almost my entire time playing but I have noticed when I run anything more than 1 being 2 3 4 or 5 I get less tiles of said element then running just 1 of the same element. That is NOT random

My old phone had some screenshots of perfect starting boards with monochrome teams. Hold on…

No board screenshots but the results are the same.


Yeah, I can be an ■■■… :wink:

Ok, I’ll start from the end. I, and many others, don’t share your experience/perception. How does this fact fit into your theory?

Of course you’ll see more ‘balanced’ tiles/boards when going rainbow; every tile/color is usable. But here I want to just point out that random is NOT the same as balanced (and maybe you’re not saying this, but many seem to think this). If I was to regularly see balanced boards, I’d suspect something being fishy.

… But back to the rainbow topic. When you run rainbow, you have no real reason to focus on or take note of colors ‘missing’, as you’ll just go with another color and combination. As soon as you begin to stack colors, not only will you get punished by missing colors, you’ll also focusing on and take note of them. I’m not really addressing the obvious subject of RNG here, but the subject of perception and perception bias.

I’m sorry to say this, but you having noticed this doesn’t really say anything more than you having taken notice of something. Taking notice is not an objective form of registering. Our perception is not our friend in situations like this. That’s just a fact.

There’s of course a chance you’re truly unlucky. Most likely not, but maybe. But as not everybody shares your view (I’m pretty much always running variations of a 2-2-1 raid team (and doing good)), you either have to conclude that you’re wrong or that there’s also some form of individual handicap system not trying to even the odds, but wrecking some players while boosting other.


You took Renfeld to a Joon fight!

Wu Kong is terrible raid defense, too easy to counter.

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