Ok guys the doomswitch was funny but it’s time to turn it off now

I made myself a luxury 6ply tinfoil hat for this one. Ever since I made mods big mad I’ve been losing every raid, I know you guys pressed the doomswitch on my account. Super funny guys hahaha but it’s time to turn it off now. It’s not funny anymore :frowning:


@Kerridoc @zephyr1 please restore my raid boards back to their former glory. Losing 12 raids in a row was a good lesson for me to learn not to talk back to mods, I learned my lesson.

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Done! You’ll find your next six raids give 5 wins.

I had to reallocate you “luck pool” from you war reserves, however. So sorry that you will lose every one-shot you try this round.




That tinfoil hat is going to get so much thicker and more luxurious when you have a win streak now. :face_with_monocle:


Just put a yellow to my raid instead of 2 greens and yellow tiles became noticeable rare. Put the green back and had multiple yellow gems.

Don’t believe in coincidence any more. :wink:

It takes a lot of my day, but I get great satisfaction messing with your boards.

(jest disclaimer and such)



Just wait until you see your elemental chests. I had a post of mine deleted once, and my next elemental chest had 2 gems and 3 common herbs.

I hear if you rub @Rook’s tummy, you get your luck back though :man_shrugging:



I like how there needs to be two disclaimers that it’s a joke in case somebody come along big mad lmao.


Also just kidding, but sometimes the game seems to be calculated just for one self and completely against one.

Luckily the next day it goes the other way round…

Every win is clearly a demonstration of my skill, but every loss is a result of bad boards.


So it wasn’t just me that launched the game this morning to a gut punch 250 cup drop from 13 successful raids against me in a row…

Makes me wish there was a hard limit on the number of times any one player can be raided in a given span of time.

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Hi, can i order a free damascus blade kit here?

Large service please.


Just fetched chinese food and every f…ing traffic sign (about 15 or so) went red during approach. Must complain about somebody hacked my life… :wink:


I reserve the kitty right to bite any hand that rubs my tummy…luck may or may not be also bestowed. :grin:


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