Ohh it's just fun

Hello everyone
I’m so tired of hearing this when I complain to alliance members for attacking without brains
Blowing war flags on pointless attacks
If loosing if fun lol
To grow in the game you need war chests and victory loot I just don’t have time to wait months for a chest to fill cause people just don’t care
Or just don’t understand the concept
Is there an alliance out there for a level 31
6 teams well leved 3500 3300 3200 2800 2600 and 2300
I take effort to win every hit been top scorer in alliance and feel left Alone
I’m also bringing my sister lower level player that always uses all 6 and asks who and how best to attack !!!
Thanks everyone !!!

Yes. Join the Horde now! We have 3 players lined up, but only 1 spot now. 1 on Thursday/Friday!

Room for growth 6 team alliance! 5-12* Titans! Growth and move up!

Cups: 2000 now!


Check out Age of Apocalypse!

We would love to have you on-board!

We are active alliance and wanting to grow!

Check us out! :smiley:

@Luckyclover666 Just wanted to mention that we been there and thats why AOA was born. To put together a team of like minded individuals that share the same passion for the game! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you are going to join ZERO THE FALLEN HORDE. I will make room for you to join.

You can check us out… Masters of the Universe.

I’m serious but I also wanted to post this picture because it tickles me.

Line Id: viper2345

Loki’s Lair has 2 spots

Hey Lucky Clover,
I can totally appreciate that stance. Nothing infuriates a person more than the ‘team’ players you are paired up with not playing as a team. I have always felt the same way. It’s an alliance, a gathering of players to form a team of like minded individuals all following the same road map. Why people would want to not play as a team in a team game boggles my mind for sure!

Anyway, our alliance “Indigo Tide” has 4 spots open. We coordinate our attacks, use messenger instead of discord (most of us are older working adults and just dont feel the need to be installing more apps when we mostly all have FB already), we use aa group page for alliance members to show off rosters or ask their questions. We track our titan hits (8* & 9* are our current titans) and we keep a month to month running average total for our members to keep an eye on. Always good to see how you are progressing.

We are all fairly laid back and like to have some fun and be silly, but war times and titan hits are better served with cohesive team play.

Hit us up in game if you’re interested. Mention me in the join request if you make one please, so there aren’t any issues.

If I don’t see you in game, Happy Hunting out there. May the odds be ever in your favor!:wink:

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Hey, there!

I’m the co-leader of Netherworld and we’d be very happy if you and your sister joined us.

We run a Discord server, which we use to coordinate war efforts and Titan hits. We have lots of information about the game there and a bot that helps players with the game.

Please check us out!

Thanks everyone for the support at the moment im giving them another chance after a lot of arguing the second half of the war suddenly people were attacking with Brians coordination and communication and we won the war I will definitely keep you posted if I decide to go !!


Great! Hope your alliance growing stronger and u have solid team and great time together.

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