Ohana, The True Family - 26/30 Active, friendly and supportive group of players

What do we stand for? Pretty simple we just want to find similar active players to hit titans and war. We try help each other grow and give advice on those who need or ask for it :slight_smile:

  • War is always optional (you never have to enter it but if you do use all flags)

  • Active players to hit titans, doesnt have to be huge damage but ever bit helps us and we encourage people to hit titans when they can. (Currently 11* but sometimes 12*)

  • FTP or PTP all are welcome, we have a wide range of players in here and all are welcome! Ideally we say lvl 40+ just so war isnt unpleasant for you with stronger teams (obviously if you pay you may have a bigger roster before then and can join)

  • We do daily reminders to make sure you dont miss free items and help you know which levels to do for POG mission quests.

  • English speaking only. We accept all people from over the world but please you must speak English in chat, we are a friendly bunch and this just helps us all.