Oh where oh where are all the scopes?!

I’ve been playing this game since Sept of 2017. In that time my team and roster has grown a lot. I’ve managed to acquire two full sets of 4* ascension materials and am close to getting my third… for every color except blue. Since I started the game, I’ve only acquired 7 scopes. Seven. My blue 5 stars are piling up with nowhere to go. I can’t even buy telescopes because they are never offered in the epic offers nor the calendars since last winter when I was still too new to know what I needed. You offered every 4* item during Easter and summer events except the scope. I have never gotten a telescope from a loot drop. Ever! It can’t be bad luck, not over the course of 13-14 months. Something has to be wrong with your algorithm. And before y’all start dropping screen shots of your 1,000 scopes, an alliance mate thinks the algorithm is skewed to give you more of what you have and less of what you don’t. I think this might be true.

Another mind has been broken by RNG. sigh

Isnt there a rare quest which has a scope as reward ?

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Haha. Yeah there is. And that has been my ONLY source of scopes.

Well…at least you seem to have a lot of 5* heroes.

How fast did you get them ?

Slowly over time through camps and summons.

Not sure what it is, but the RNG seems to like to give different player accounts more instances of something. Like the topics about people who has been short of Compasses, with me it’s always been Gloves. The occasional chests or Mystic Vision seem like to give me more compass than gloves (when it does), at the ratio of about 8 to 1. Other members in my alliance is the direct opposite, he has more gloves than compasses. I always seem to get more Orbs and Trap Tools than any other Mats from the RNG engine.

I’ve been rewarded with 6 scopes in 10 months of gameplay, but I’ve got a lot of darts and I mean a lot, 22 is the actual number. These two makes the biggest disproportion in received mats for me.

Scopes DO seem particularly scarce. Thank goodness that we at least get the ~six per year from the Frostmarch rare quest.

I’ve been playing 14 months and have received:

  • 22 Tabards
  • 33 Darts
  • 22 Telescopes
  • 23 Tonics
  • 30 Rings

Some of this is RNG, but I also agree that there is some imbalance in what various seasonal/special offers contain.

I’ve gotten 3 within the last week. The are of course the one material I have no use for.

Glad we are in the same camp! I also wish to log my appeal here for scopes and hope it shows up in the next titan death. #ScopelessSquad

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Pretty envious numbers there @Kerridoc… can I ask, did you get any from buying offers with mats? If not I must be doing something wrong… :thinking:

My tally for 13.5 months of playing now:

  • 12 Tabards
  • 13 Darts
  • 11 Scopes
  • 8 Tonics
  • 12 Rings

Not that uneven, but the game makes up for that by throwing more blue heroes at me than anything else… got 3 Magni’s, Isarnia, and Richard… and a bunch of good blue 4* so that I’ll forever be clamouring for capes and scopes. Can I get a yellow 5* or two now pretty please, to go with my 13 darts that are collecting dust? :grin:

Can’t really complain though, the next Frostmarch will give me the final scope and cape needed to ascend Isarnia. Now about those yellows…

Yes, I do buy the $20-30 offers that have 4* mats + gems. I don’t buy the 10,000 gem packages. I’ve also placed in top-10 of challenge events more than a few times, which helps the mat totals.

Sounds random :joy:

An even spread would seem preprogrammed

But like you I have so many compasses that my heroes can use them as currency while their poor hands are turning blue with cold…


RNG is the nature of the game. Myself I’m short on sturdy shields. I’ve gotten 4 total through events and bought 1. I’ve gotten 5 Mysterious Tonics though. So I’ve gotten more 4* mats than 3* mats for green heros.

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They are very elusive indeed; over some six months of playing I have managed to acquire one - from last Frostmarch when I was finally strong enough to beat the last level. I have three ice 5* heroes, so it is hardly the ideal state of things… RNG can be quite mischievous.

I got a scope yesterday, out of my monster chest first thing in the morning. Then I got a damascus blade from my raid chest in the evening. RNG must have been feeling generous to me for once.

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I’ve received a total of 6 scopes in over a year also. I ascended Alasie over magni of course but how long to get 6 more??

I too have several 5* blue waiting for scopes and have not see one (apart from Frostmarch) in over 4 months.

If you’ve only gotten six scopes over the course of a year, I have to ask: Have you completed every Frostmarch Rare Quest? or at least, are you now completing every rare quest? Each Rare Quest appears about every two months, so they provide enough 4* ascension mats to ascend an entire rainbow team of 5* heroes each year, even if you get no other mats from titans, mystic visions, wanted/elemental chests, or challenge events.

Yes, I complete all the rare quests, which is why I have 7 over a year plus a little. I haven’t even seen one in an epic offer over that time. Never gotten one from a loot drop…ever.

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