Oh my , mount umber connundrum

so I wait weeks & weeks for the final rings to ascend Marjana & in the meantime get Ares on a random pull & have him fully cooked also
who to ascend >
Ares or Marjana !

What you need more? A tank healer. Or specialist hitter?. If you already have a guin or grave tank then marj…

Ares…and then Ares.

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neither lol, not even Boldtusk as a semi healer on the red side

waited soooooo long to ascend marjana now cooked ares as well & torn , prob because of the loooong wait … looking like ares will be the man tho

Ares is definitely a great tank… so unless you have a better tank… then him

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Ares is what you will see the most out there as tank.
I see marjana but very little compare to Ares… At least in upper platinum class.

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Both are solid heroes but ares is much more versatile and can affect more aspects of the game then marjana ever will. I know marjana is in because of history but this is a pretty easy choice.

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My Ares just at 2/60 has been a game changer for titans. Zim got my first set of rings, but he is getting my second!

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How did you pull Ares, mate? Seripus question…
Is there some part of the game i dont know?

I’ve thought the same.

I actually went and checked lol, if there is a way I want to know! :smiley:

Ares was available in Atlantis a couple months ago

Oh, reading again, he HAS FULLY COOKED HIM.


I pulled Ares last September with an usual epic token given by one of my first monster chests. Was my first 5* and the first few days of playing. I even didn’t know anything but the existence of 5*. One can summon him every time with a little luck.

After Mount Umber now only need one more ring to ascend him…


I ascended Ares as my second red, behind Zimkitha. Zimkitha keeps more cups in Platinum then Ares. The days of a tank that doesn’t hit back are over. Hate to say it but Ares at 3.70 plays his role as Titan and raid support just as well as he does fully maxed.

No, you didn’t draw him last September with a hero token. And no, no one can draw him right now with any amount of luck.

Ares was available through the Atlantis portal back in September. So perhaps not a free epic hero token but with free Atlantis coins?

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That’s what I was thinking. I pulled Ares and Zeline out of the Atlantis portal in September.

fairly sure i pulled ares while doing atlantis pulls either last month or previous


defo with atlantis coin …, have been focusing on atlantis draws & have been aiming at full family sets so ares was a suprise

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