Oh my God, Mok Arr does damage to friends?


I think Domitia had more than just a number tweak, when the range of her dispel was increased by “target” to “target and nearby enemies”


Would the wilbur - sumitomo - mok-arr combo work too? Will sumitomo gain mana from this interaction?


Didn’t some bunny get a speed change too? I might be totally wrong. Wasn’t around during the first easter event.


Mok arr çok kötü bir hero. Screenshot_20181006-151317


From Google Translate:

Mok arr is a very bad hero.


He seems like a very niche hero. It is very good if you combine hime with other heros like Khiona and Wilbur or a monochrome Dark team, but a liability if not used properly.

Here are some links to discussions that have previously occurred about this hero:


He’s useful only in very specific situations…therefore not very useful at all.


I don’t think Riposte is triggered by Wilbur-linked damage.


Mok arr is great if you got 2-3 of him and aeron healing. However u better have a panther as well so you tile damage down a purple healer to death.