Oh my God, Mok Arr does damage to friends?


I think Domitia had more than just a number tweak, when the range of her dispel was increased by “target” to “target and nearby enemies”


Would the wilbur - sumitomo - mok-arr combo work too? Will sumitomo gain mana from this interaction?


Didn’t some bunny get a speed change too? I might be totally wrong. Wasn’t around during the first easter event.


Mok arr çok kötü bir hero. Screenshot_20181006-151317


From Google Translate:

Mok arr is a very bad hero.


He seems like a very niche hero. It is very good if you combine hime with other heros like Khiona and Wilbur or a monochrome Dark team, but a liability if not used properly.

Here are some links to discussions that have previously occurred about this hero:


He’s useful only in very specific situations…therefore not very useful at all.


I don’t think Riposte is triggered by Wilbur-linked damage.


Mok arr is great if you got 2-3 of him and aeron healing. However u better have a panther as well so you tile damage down a purple healer to death.


I agree @Decorum! I was too afraid of wasting gems if I pulled Mok-Arr for my first 5*. Looks like he’s a powerhouse if you’ve got a good 4/5* team already but for someone who is only a couple months in he was more a negative than a positive.

Really interesting to see the teams built around him though! Helps me think outside the box!


Wilbur is really good in all situations…happy to have pulled him this month! I know it is off-topic, but can I ask your opinion for Misandra as first 5* blu to ascend?


What are your other options?


Aegir ç_ç…wanted athena, but no luck this time. I have unleveled Guinevere. Actually I don’t want to waste materials, for ths reason I ask :wink:


@Xero786 This is my purple suit. Do you think I should improve?


@Fatih1711 I think you attached the wrong file.


Between Misandra and Aegir, and with Guinevere in your deck, I’d go for Misandra. Guinevere is the best tank in the game, so Aegir won’t have that role in your hand. Aegir is also surprisingly effective on offense, but he needs another strong hitter. There’s a limit to the number of “utility” heroes like Wilbur and Aegir you can have in a lineup and still be effective, and since neither of those heroes heals properly, now you’re looking at three utility heroes: one too many, IMO. Misandra is a more versatile hero, and her special can really juice up the line if she gets multiple hits in.


I forgot to say that I have grimm and Kiril maxed as blue heroes and a triton 3/60. I wished for Athena, but could not get her…even if now I want to look for heroes that are also good in defense in order to help my ally in war and do better in raids


That helps – both Kiril and Grimm are superb. I’ve got 2 Kirils and 3 Grimm’s maxed for wars and events. I’d still be inclined to go with Misandra and Guinevere. You definitely should not leave your Guin at 1/1! She is a full notch better as defensive tank than any other hero currently in the game.


the point is that I have Wu jackal maxed and gretel ascended at the 4rth tier…Guin would be my first yellow…don’t know if I would regret using darts on her if i pull Joon. I also have drake as well


If you’re looking for world-class defense, you will not regret ascending Guinevere. She’s a one-trick pony, but it’s quite a trick. If you have the darts, or most of them, I’d use them there.