Oh my God, Mok Arr does damage to friends?

For the ones who dont have tarlak and have dupes khiona. Tarlak will capped the normal damage and its they are not optimize together.but of course tarlak win for the consistency.

I was thinking Panther - Mok-arr - Khiona - Mok-arr - Wilbur for yellow titans. Fire Wilbur, Khiona, then both Mok-arrs for (in theory) +245% attack on the center 3.

Wow, now I can understand the potential

I was thinking 2 khionas to spread her buff to all allies. Mok arr +245% is only his special though, not effecting tiles

2 Khiona or 2 Mok-Arr? Sounds like an expensive question.

Tell me about it. I dropped about $150 for draws in Atlantis, and came away with 1 Khiona to show for my money and trouble. Oh yea, I got Thorne, too… :-/

I got Namahage, Mneseus a duplicate Skittleskull and an Azar I fed to Colen. I’m working on one more pull, I really want Ares, enough to spend all my WE for the next 2 days for tokens.

Good luck!

20 chars.

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you need to have the two of them. not a great solution to a 5* hero

Demo of Mok-Arr and Wilbur. Don’t knock him till you have him and try him. I’d rather have him than ares or albie. https://youtu.be/YnjTVatyPrU


She have the duration for her buff for 3 turns. She and nearby allies will gain +20 everytime they were hit by enemies during the 3 turns. My highest buff capped at +144, I dont know if it can go higher than that. If you are facing delilah minions or use wilbur, the attack buff can escalate quickly. As someone above explained how wilbur khiona combo works.

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Thorne gets no respect

Thorne gets respect from Dawa.

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holy crap!!!

Thorne was my second ever 5. Had him at 3/70 forever and was on my main team till alliance wars. He was good for me. Now I have 30+ fives and he just doesn’t get it done anymore. Will probably feed him if I get either Rumple or Aegir. I think Grimm Forest is next event

You should keep him and we should keep complaining, maybe we could get a Domitia style defense buff added, it would at least make him useful.

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Das finde ich auch kacke… hab echt gehofft ihn NICHT zu bekommen… Für mich Sinnloser Held wenn er den anderen Helden Schadet…

Dear crom it works


Oh ye of little faith. Great video, tho. These three are great together. Notice how little damage Mok-Arrggh inflicted, for so much benefit.


I only had him at special lvl 3 and hardly leveled lol

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