Oh my God, Mok Arr does damage to friends?

Oh my God, Mok Arr does damage to friends ?? What a crazy idea kkkkk :joy:

Its very confusing

Deals 250% damage to all enemies.
Causes 80% damage to all enemies.

After all, 250 or 80?


add 250 + 80?

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He works well with a monochrome team. He damages all allies for 80%, all purple enemies and allies are immune to the attack.

Watch the video, when Mok’s special links the allies also suffer damage

Not Quintus or Mok-Arr, dark Heroes and enemies are immune.

I could not understand, you activate the special and your allies suffer damage I had never seen it yet

If you have an all purple team your allies won’t take damage. If you have yellow on your team they take extra damage. Yellow enemies also take extra damage.

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This one took me by surprise, so Mok Arr only fits a team all purple? I can not put any other hero color is this friend?

You can put in any color. Just be aware that Mok Arr’s special will attack allies for 80% damage if they are not a dark hero.


I really love these type of power. A double edged sword. Too bad I didn’t draw him.

So how can you turn this problem into a benefit? I’ll give you two hints

  1. Khiona
  2. Wilbur

4 purple and Wilbur would be a very effective team.


Could you explain why Wilbir and Khiona would be good on the team? Is he also going to suffer damage? I did not understand sorry @Kerridoc

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stop making me want to pull the Shark


I’m sorry, I’m slow mana :smile:


Wilbur’s special gives your team a defensive buff, and shares the damage received. Let’s assume you use 4 purples and Wilbur…the 80% to Wilbur would be spread across the team so each member only receives 16%


Wilbur will share damage with all heroes. Khiona increases the attack of herself and the 2 closes heroes every time she gets damage. So the potential is there to get HUGE attack buffs


Really interesting special from Khiona and Wilbur, Many thanks for the info I’m astonished

If you put panther, khiona, wilbur, khiona, mok arr. Is this good?


i dont know about good. But it sure will be fun lmao


wait, I thought her damage only increases each time she’s hit per turn. like once per turn she gets 20% attack increase.

Am I wrong on this?!?!?

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