Offline Tools/Resources You Use

Kinda new here, only 4 months in. Getting serious though. What I’d like to know is what offline tools and resources people use. I got the Fandom wiki, which is ok but really slow to update. I have this forum. There’s a number of good spread sheets out there that are out of date, but still useful for looking stuff up. But I’ll ask the masses: What offline tools do you find useful?

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Search under Player Guides. Plenty of stuff there


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Check “EP Toolbox” app, it have all heroes, team building, farming and more.


second the EP toolbox. Has a lot of information . I found HeroPlan to be useful too, especially if you build a large stable of heroes. Is easy to lose track without some kind of list to look at.

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Here are a few useful spreadsheets.

Every detail about map stages:

Farming guide (not updated beyond S3):

Past and projected featured heroes from each portal (doesn’t yet include S5 and not as useful as it used to be due to changes in the rotation and the introduction of new costumes/heroes):

A couple charts about mana bonuses and troops.

Disclaimer: None of this is mine. Credit goes to @BarryWuzHere and @Guvnor for the farming guide and the troops chart. Unfortunately, I don’t know whom to credit for the remaining content, as I have no idea who created it.


For keeping track of your heroes there’s also Hero plan ( You can upload them and your ascenion items on there so you can keep track of them more easily.
There are also Line and Discord groups that provide tons of info and opinions. is a good site for info as well