Offline player unavailable for raids

Find below the screenshots that I took a while ago (around 21:52 CET+1 time zone [Germany]) when I noticed that despite not being active already for several minutes, the player could not be attacked.

This is not just one-time-instance capture, I think developers don’t need to get flooded with bunches of screenshots - I took it just once to show the issue.

It might be some kind of:

  1. a real bug to fix
  2. an issue caused by the difference of my version of the app and the one of the player (I doubt though)
  3. cheating when player forces the app to stay online automatically not being really active in it - if it is the case, then this problem has to be addressed by developers under the general scope and some deeper check of players’ states is needed in order to detect their activity and consider them offline if no reasonable activity is captured.

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Maybe he just did the update of the game. You cannot attack player with diffrent version od the game

@Potthead, the player is still unavailable for raids, no way some update could cause all this.

I’ve got the latest version, even before I got raided by the player - so he has to have the latest version as well, otherwise he could not attack me if the premise of different versions is true.

I can’t read that language but it looks like the same issue I’m having with a player that raided me.

It just says they’re currently playing on a different app version. If they can attack me I should be able to attack them so I don’t understand what the problem is.

Edit to add that I’m trying to revenge them.

One player updated and the other didn‘t. This case was solved a hundred times in this forum and always comes up when a new update is run…


I have the same problem with 2 of my oponents… For now there isnt new update at

update rolls out step by step over 1-2 days. After that time revenges are gonna work like they used to be

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Well, in fact you are right, but just in case: I don’t see any updates available for my OS/region and another player got it somehow - he might have a different OS / version of the same OS, although dunno why just some players updated.

Because the new releases are staggered by Google and Apple so that they don’t have their servers hammered by every player trying to download an update at once.

Как по мне, я тоже двух проказников нашёл. По моему они с играют не честно. Например

Same here !.. can be a cheat or a bug …

when he attack me , 18 hours ago … we had the same version , ( otherwise he cannot … ) I logged in after the notification of the attack ( may be less than a minute after ) and the revenge was already not possible . Now I just thought that , in order to dissipate the doubt that he can upgrade his version at flash speed … I asked around in line chats and no upgrade were released . for ANY platform .

@Petri … do I need to open a ticket?

There is a new update so still possible…

This is related to the new update. Please note the small print in the player’s profile view (“this player is playing a different app version”).

Hi no one is seeing my messages can you help me

Maybe you were reportet and banned from chat?

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