Offline Alliance Communication

If you’re a part of an alliance that communicates outside of the game chat, which app/platform do you use? What kinds of discussion topics do you cover? Do you require all alliance members to be engaged?

We use the Line App.
Not required but strongly suggested.
We make albums and put in the monster lineups for events, training videos, post info about new events or heroes, etc. Also have members post their stable of heroes so that if they ask a question on Lineups the more advanced players have easy access to them to make the discussions easier.
We also made a war room so we can post videos of attacks on alliance members teams to test them before putting them into gameplay.


I know lots of alliances use Line. I prefer Discord, as I find it easier to keep topics sorted out without creating a bunch of Line rooms.

The topics covered anything and everything related to the game. Usually, there’s also an off-topic section for non-game related stuff.

I’ve been in some alliances that do require, and some that don’t. That’s all preference.


I have used both Line and Discord…
But I much prefer Discord…
It’s not normally mandatory but the more competitive alliances will ask you to join.
You can create folders for just about anything concerning the game, events, trials, heroes, war, raid/formations, emblems, LBs, Hero Academy, Alchemy Lab, Hunters Lodge … the list is endless.
And you can also have folders for more out of game stuff. I was once in an alliance that posted cooking recipes…


We use line. It’s best for sharing photos/links. But also allows for tagging in case someone isn’t using war hits. I wouldn’t want to be in an alliance without a messaging app.


Used line exclusively until joining my current alliance where they use mostly discord.

Discord is better organized for various topics, but I miss line cause they don’t have a 8mb limit for messages, making it impossible to share decent vids. I think there’s workarounds like uploading and sharing cloud links and paying for a premium service, but yeah don’t have to deal with that in line…


Nothing to stop your alliance from also having a Line group just for sharing vids…

I’ve used both Line and Discord and as others have mentioned above I have a slight preference for the way Discord organizes chats.

I have a personal preference for alliances that require some sort of external communication.

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