🏆 Official Raids Index [June 2019] - Thoughts & Discussion

Hi, thanks for the feedback! Due to the manual work involved gathering the data, I can’t promise any immediate updates on the Raid Index. That being said, I will make sure to discuss this here and hopefully in the future we are able to gather another round of these statistics as I see there is clearly a demand for this type of content! :slight_smile:




Thank you @Petri we appreciate the feedback


I would add “the success rate of war defenses of the top 100 alliances by flag usage”

80% on the first flag
75% on the second flag

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Just curious if there is anything new to report on an update. It’s been another four months without a peep and there certainly has been a notable shift in usage if the Diamond arena is any indicator.

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Like few others… wondering is SG will be sharing more analytics?
I surely did find this kind of data to be fun to look at…
Sad to see this happen only once… more than a year ago now…

SG must be sitting on a gold mine of data… I’d be super interested in seeing, whatever SG can share.
Hope a bump to this thread, gets some attention in this area…

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Good news! We are looking into publishing an updated Raids Index later this month (including some new types of Raid stats). :smiley:



Maybe I have overlooked it, but what happened to the updated Raid Index?

Are you afraid of your own data? Perhaps they show, that you messed up the game by creating Telluria and she is still way OP?


Hi, it’s delayed a bit as we have been developing a new tool to pull the data, but hopefully we’ll be able to release it in the coming weeks.


Thanks for the update

Lookin forward to the results


I want to find out more about Raid statistics. Don’t know if this question has been asked before, though I’ve tried to search for it but can’t find anything on this. How does the raid statistics work? Lets say for example that I want to raid a friend from another alliance, (just for the fun of course and we always argue who’s team is stronger) We have the same amount of trophies, same lvl, same strength…more or less. Why do we never meet each other on raids? Would be nice to know why.

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Hi, @Petri. This has already been dated already. Can we have an update please. Thanks.

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Not sure if it’s what you mean…

But the updated version was published August last year.

Updated Raid Index

I know that. What I want is the most recent one where GTV defense core is not anymore prevalent as it used to be. I wanna know how the ninjas, Frigg, Odin, BK fared.

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