🏆 Official Raids Index [June 2019] - Thoughts & Discussion

As usual you took the words right out of my brain.
Thank you for your clarity.


Definitely appreciate the stats to geek out over. Keep more of them coming please.

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Which brings to mind that it’d be helpful to distinguish between emblemed heroes and those that aren’t. Boldtusk +18 will certainly be fairly highly rated. Boldtusk +0…less so. How talented are those Boss Wolf tanks that are posting good win rates?

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I raid like all the time, but I guess I only saw Yunan on UCLA. :smiley: I am not saying he is not good, it’s just funny.

Wormwood also uses him to great effect. I think he was rare enough, and not liked enough that few people got him the first time around, and few people that did get him actually ascended him. We’ll surely see that change in the next couple of weeks.


For the top performers in defense, non classic, I will probably have thought Guinevere would be 1. Just from the perspective of several of her in defense at diamond more than Yunan and Boss Wolf. Perhaps the numbers order is not an indicator?

I would like to see more of this but with more comparative analysis, how the selected fared compared to a few others, for instance we just had Ariel not too long ago, Mitsuko probably predated her and I am surprised she didn’t make the top 3 in that category. Would like to see other considerations used.

I’m not surprised to see Guin there.But Boss Wolf and Yunan, I didn’t think they were that effective in defense. Maybe I should chase for Yunan during the event. I already have Kunchen as tank tho :thinking:

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Wait, what?

Ariel was released Feb 27. She leads?

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It would be on win rate % of attacks using her, not total wins across all time.


What I thought, but missed that in dev msg.

I’m old

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Actually the defensive ranking is fictitious. All the BossWolf I meet are flawed by Geneva and Onatel or Geneva and another strong yellow, that’s their value. By itself or with normal flanks does not yield anywhere near the first places. As much it is 7 or 8 defensive tank.

Probably these Stats of a duo or trio. Not usual anyone have yunan. I face a lot more kunchens in defence than yunans. Barely see yunans. When I face him I win. My atack Stats are quite diiferent. Mother North 100% alll my atacks. Sartana, yess, agree, all Guin tanks got atacked by her.

Really interesting. 9.200.000 raids a day is impressive. Especially if one’s considers that a good amount of players doesn’t raid every day.

I love that you share this information with us!

I’d love a statistic for the next Atlantis rises. Stuff like 100.000.000 pirates beaten up or 100.000 backpacks collected.


I’ve been seeing Boss Wolf show up on defense teams consistently since he got the druid class, and I’ve also been saying on the “Buff Boss Wolf” thread that he doesn’t seem like he needs one.

I’m glad that this data supports my hunch.


He is probably the only good ‘Very Slow’ hero. Wish I had him instead of Guardian Owl :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually it does make sense. After having seen a lot of raids, either defender or attacker, when she fires, it’s game over. I know that’s not the 100% of the times, but at least the 100% of the rides I’ve seen, and that’s why attackers hurry to take her down, because they know there are very low chances of surviving after she fires. (Take into account that as defender, she will fire after 8-10 turns and in that time if she fires that means the rest of the team has done it well covering her. Furthermore, as an AOE attacker, she gets good benefit of being wizard

A 5* with riposte and that much defense is nearly overpowered. I find him to be the most difficult tank to work around, since I don’t have Kage. Way more spiny than Guin or Lamemaker.

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That team in the video literally got mugged.

I’ve always wanted to know how far a maxed 1* team that’s emblemed could get in terms of raid tier.

The stat report is an excellent idea. And I’m sure it will develop well. I think giving the community feedback in this fashion is a very positive move for the game.

I’d really like to see highest war score achieved added to that list.


I’m a little surprised by this and think it would differ from the Stats @Razor has been keeping. Would like be to see what he has to say about these numbers

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Different data sets.

Razor is doing a manual sampling of the Top 100 raid defense.

The Devs are just data mining all raid attacks.


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