🏆 Official Raids Index [June 2019] - Thoughts & Discussion

Hey, are there plans to drop more of these? I thought it was interesting and drove a lot of discussions, I still see it referenced. If you want input or feedback I would be happy to help.


Great chart!
Can we have an October one too?

@Petri will there be any update to the information from the original post?

Do Ranvir’s and Wukong’s specials stack on each other or replace each other?

This. Twenty times. Almost same symbol.Check out Daves status guide.


You mean this status guide? :wink:


Happy New Year @Petri,
Now that 2019 is a wrap, would you happen to know if there will be a final version of the RAIDS INDEX HALL OF FAME

If not, would you be able to confirm that 3,321 was the Highest Trophies in 2019?

Thank you,


This thread is symptomatic of SG’s general attitude towards us - complete silence


I didn’t really want to like that post but I do agree with the sentiment. Perhaps a Quarterly update? I think players would really like to see how their heroes are performing.


Where is the Hero Academy?

SG: -

Give us back our pre-nerf loot for raid tourneys?

SG: -

Aren’t you going to change the Alchemy Lab?

SG: -

If they ignore us with these things you can be sure that they don’t give one squat about the raid index being updated quarterly.

No one wants to like these things but some of us have to keep making noise. Otherwise they will think everything is ok.


yeah :slightly_frowning_face: since the graphic was “Highest cups in 2019” figured the end of 2019 would be a fitting close out for it and if first one was in June, figured 2nd one 6 months later made sense…its a holiday today so still holding out hope they respond.


I wish I could like this a 1000 times. People have trouble grasping the difference between this and nonproductive complaints.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback! Due to the manual work involved gathering the data, I can’t promise any immediate updates on the Raid Index. That being said, I will make sure to discuss this here and hopefully in the future we are able to gather another round of these statistics as I see there is clearly a demand for this type of content! :slight_smile:




Thank you @Petri we appreciate the feedback


I would add “the success rate of war defenses of the top 100 alliances by flag usage”

80% on the first flag
75% on the second flag

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Just curious if there is anything new to report on an update. It’s been another four months without a peep and there certainly has been a notable shift in usage if the Diamond arena is any indicator.

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Like few others… wondering is SG will be sharing more analytics?
I surely did find this kind of data to be fun to look at…
Sad to see this happen only once… more than a year ago now…

SG must be sitting on a gold mine of data… I’d be super interested in seeing, whatever SG can share.
Hope a bump to this thread, gets some attention in this area…

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Good news! We are looking into publishing an updated Raids Index later this month (including some new types of Raid stats). :smiley:



Maybe I have overlooked it, but what happened to the updated Raid Index?

Are you afraid of your own data? Perhaps they show, that you messed up the game by creating Telluria and she is still way OP?


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