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Good point! But I would always fear a team of all Aife’s.


Im surprised about BossWolf. But im not very surprised for GM not in top 3… Everyone has an anti GM team.
Im more afraid of kage than Guin… I have so many good purples

I only have Sartanna for the 3 classic attackers

My most perf heroes for me 4* included (in my roaster only, not general)

Def: Ares, khiona, Joon
Att: Wilbur, Joon, Gretel (HM: Buddy)
Class def: Joon, Sartana, Marjana
Class Att: Joon, Sartana, Horghall

Yes i use joon for everything

Titan: Ranvir (lucky me :slight_smile: ), Wukong, Wilbur.
For me Wilbur is one of the best hero of the game. He’s even better than most of the 5*


I thought it was weird that Isarnia was in the top classic defense heroes. When I raid a team with her on defense she’s almost always a non factor being slow and most put her in the corner


Two Kageburados + Lvl 11+ mana troops would be my choice (if I had two of them) to do this. A good starting board that allows to load them twice early might alreade take away four opponent heroes.

I suppose that two Isarnias and an early blue crystal would have an acceptable chance as well.

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Can we get some ideas of who the best 4 stars are in raids, statistically speaking? There are a lot of events now that feature 4s, so it would be nice to see if there are any surprises in there.


About the weakest team’s win (not team power but star’s level) I think we have a video:


I wouldn’t say that every Diamond league player has good anti GM heroes. P2W do have, but F2P/C2P might only have Rigard as cleaner (the only TC20 5* cleaner/healer is Vivica - in order to get one specific hero, you have to be quite lucky. Next, even if you have her, she has slow mana…) and maybe only slow or weak (attackwise) 5* heroes like Richard or Thorne.

If I have to fight a GM team, I usually bring Isarnia, Thorne, Grimm, Kiril and Rigard. I wouldn’t call that a particularly good anti-GM team :laughing:

Very cool! Thank you for sharing this.

I agree with @General_Confusion; I would love to see a bit more of the data behind this. As mentioned, even just the number of attacks on all three of the top victory rate heroes could be informative.

Also, I note that the three heroes with the top victory rates are all tanks. It would be very interesting to see what sort of heroes grade out well at the flank and wing positions.

I would also be curious to see the lineup of the ~1500 vs. ~4000 team.


Wilbur and Proteus are definitely among the top 5. In the current raid event Wilbur is the king, more than awesome (and terrible if you don’t have one and face him :crazy_face:).

Hänsel is most probably also one of the best 4* raid attack heroes (cannot tell as I don’t have him).

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I beat GM with Sonya, Triton and Kiril. 4* only


It would be awesome to see the entire list instead of just the top 3. It would answer the following 2 questions:

Which have the lowest rates of victory?
Where do you start to see 4* overtaking 5* heroes in victory rates? (I would expect Boldtusk, Kiril, Rigard, and Wilbur to be fairly high up the list and pass quite a few 5*)


Any feedback on the infographic itself?

This is a very neat infographic, good work!

Would you like to see more of these in the future?

By seeing datas many players could learn more things and improve their choices.

What kind of game statistics would you like to see?

  • The most common tanks for Alliance Wars
  • The top Defenders & Attackers for raid tournaments
  • The most common emblemed heroes.
  • The most common heroes used on rare quests &class trials (for new players).

As usual you took the words right out of my brain.
Thank you for your clarity.


Definitely appreciate the stats to geek out over. Keep more of them coming please.

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Which brings to mind that it’d be helpful to distinguish between emblemed heroes and those that aren’t. Boldtusk +18 will certainly be fairly highly rated. Boldtusk +0…less so. How talented are those Boss Wolf tanks that are posting good win rates?

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I raid like all the time, but I guess I only saw Yunan on UCLA. :smiley: I am not saying he is not good, it’s just funny.

Wormwood also uses him to great effect. I think he was rare enough, and not liked enough that few people got him the first time around, and few people that did get him actually ascended him. We’ll surely see that change in the next couple of weeks.


For the top performers in defense, non classic, I will probably have thought Guinevere would be 1. Just from the perspective of several of her in defense at diamond more than Yunan and Boss Wolf. Perhaps the numbers order is not an indicator?

I would like to see more of this but with more comparative analysis, how the selected fared compared to a few others, for instance we just had Ariel not too long ago, Mitsuko probably predated her and I am surprised she didn’t make the top 3 in that category. Would like to see other considerations used.

I’m not surprised to see Guin there.But Boss Wolf and Yunan, I didn’t think they were that effective in defense. Maybe I should chase for Yunan during the event. I already have Kunchen as tank tho :thinking:

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Wait, what?

Ariel was released Feb 27. She leads?

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