Officer Postions

Hello All.

We are looking for some charismatic motivated folks to complete our team.

The alliance you settle into is flexible whichever of the 3 you would prefer can be arranged or you can move between the 3.

Need a training officer, war commander and Hr officer for Loyal lite to complete officer team there.

Are you a driven motivated person who enjoys being competitive and challenged in game and ALSO contributing and helping build something amazing behind the scenes outside of game?

Then we need you!


Entire family of alliances utilizes shared discord community so discord use is a must.

Looking forward to meeting the final few folks that will complete our team and help us build something amazing.


Our alliance merged into the Reps family about a month ago and we couldn’t be happier. It is really a great bunch of people that love the game and also love to have fun. The depth of knowledge across the 3 alliances is massive so your game will only improve if you join. I promise we dont bite…except for @Vindacator I cant promise anything about her. :wink:

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