Officer messages

In our alliance we got problems to get a message out in the main chat, because it floods with text. It can be tactical “orders” like when we should save our titan attacks and stuff like that.

I think it would be nice with a popup window with text from the officers when you log in.

I agree wholeheartedly…and a way to send a shouted message with a notification alert to all members. This would be able to remind those of who get busy with real life, that something maybe expiring or a specific tactic.

We use colored text for those messages. Granted, they have to be repeatedly posted but we have a seperate discord channel for those “orders” so we can quickly grab them.

Our members can then scroll back a few chats to check for the coloured postings and any instructions.

We try to use the coloured messages strategically, so they don’t get over-used and ignored.

It’s probably the best method for now, unless message pinning ever gets added.

Some alliances like to use their banner for that purpose.

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